IGNOU Bachelor in Information Technology Question Papers


The Indira Gandhi National Open University provides a bachelor’s degree course in Information Technology. The main exam of the course is the term end examination. The details of the term end examination are given below:

Eligibility: the candidates should fulfill the following criteria for being eligible to take the tern end exam:

The course fee for that year should have been paid.

The prescribed course should have been pursued.

The exam form should have been submitted in time.

The registration should be a valid one.

In the final result 100% weightage is given to the term end examination. The exam is conducted twice every year, in the months of June and December. Students having the registration in the month of January can sit for the exam in the month of June. After that the candidate can take the left over exams in either June or December, according to his or her convenience.

The term end examination carries a total of 75 marks and the time duration is 3 hours. There are two sections. Section A consists of 3 questions each carrying 10 marks and all the questions are compulsory. Section B consists of 4 questions out of which three are to be answered. Each question carries 15 marks.


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