B.Sc in Medical Lab Training in Immunology can enhance practical knowledge


Immunology is an area of biomedical science that studies the immune system of human beings to its minute detail. It is mainly concerned with the physiological operation of the immune system in the healthy conditions and during diseases. It also studies the malfunctions associated with the immune system during conditions of disorders and the various characteristics of different components of the immune system.

Immunology as a part of the B.Sc MLT course

Immunology is an important area in the B.Sc MLT course. The course covers five different areas and immunology is one among them. The course provides proper training for the students in terms of diagnosis, treatment and preventing diseases. This is accomplished with the use of various clinical laboratory tests. The results of these tests help the doctors in identifying the diseases and giving proper treatment to the patients.

The training offered to students

The course equips the Medical laboratory Technologist to carry out test by testing the fluids in the body, tissues, blood typing, cell counts etc. These technologists has an important role in collecting information, sampling, testing, recording and reporting the results of the different tests and thus determining the health conditions of individuals by comparing the results with that of the standard levels.

Medical technologists receive more training than medical technicians and they are entrusted with more responsibilities too. The course gives hands on experience on various tests such as tissues, blood and other fluids in human body. The technicians perform routine tasks in the lab under the supervision of medical technologists.

The course trains the technologist on the basics of medical research, with accuracy and speed. They are also prepared to handle stress, make judgment based on data and use computer to perform analysis and tests.

The technologists help the doctors to make correct diagnosis of diseases and in the proper functioning of the laboratory.

The career prospects for medical technologists extend over both academic and technical fields. They can join medical laboratories as technologists and the opportunities are on the rise as the number of hospitals and laboratories are increasing.

Once they acquire the required knowledge and experience they can take up supervisory positions in labs and hospitals. They can work as supervisor, administrator of labs, consultant in labs, etc.


The remuneration offered to a fresher varies from Rs 7000 per month to Rs. 9000 depending on the hospitals and laboratories. With experience it can go up to 25,000 per month after 2 to 3 years.



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    what is the basic qulifycation for this course?
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    i want to know in detail, about this course, that is B.Sc in mlt,i want to know the colleges offering this course in hyderabad,