IGNOU BSC in Nautical Science Navigation – I (Terrestrial and Celestial) Question Papers


The Navigation I (Terrestrial and Celestial paper) offered by IGNOU is held by IGNOU. It is term end examination taking place mainly in the month of June and December.  It is a two hour paper comprising of 70 marks. All the questions in the paper are compulsory. The Noories table and the Nautical Almanac is allowed in the exam. A scientific calculator is also allowed provided it is non-programmable.

There are two sections in the paper. Section A mostly has question carrying 5 marks. There are two questions of 10 marks in Section B along with a few two- mark and five- mark question. There are rough sheets provided to do the calculations. The entire paper is based on the syllabus provided by IGNOU.

The topics included in the paper include Terrestrial Navigation, earth, parallel and plane sailings, Mercator sailing, dead reckoning and days work. These mainly form the first block. The second block on celestial navigation includes units like. Concepts of time and Nautical Almanac, celestial sphere and equinoctical system of coordinates, daily motion and horizon system of coordinates, sextant and altitude correction, amplitude and azimuth. The third block includes chart work, position lines and positions and chart work exercises. There are 12 units in all.

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