Jewellry designing course as an innovative field in the modern date


In the present scenario, Jewellery designing is an eternal and demanding profession in the country. Apart from being a course, when we observe in general we can say that jewellery designing is more of an art. It brings along the professional expertise and creativity in that area of work. In simple terms, Jewellery designing involves a series of activities such as designing, polishing, cutting, engraving etc.

In today’s world, jewellery has a wide range of acceptance. Many of the individuals in today’s time regard jewellery as a potential source of investment also. Some time back, jewellery designing was limited to a certain group of people such as goldsmiths etc who have learned this trade traditionally. The Jewellery market is facing a boom nowadays. This boom is due to the expansion in the field of fashion, many of the individuals are getting attracted towards this field on a whole. The concept of branding has been introduced in case of ornaments also.

Significance of Jewellery Designing Course

The jewellery and gem’s market in India is in a growing stage. When we observe, the jewellery market has gained increasing popularity as a result of entrance of popular brands such as De beers, Tanishq, D damas etc. This has shifted the focus of the individuals from the gold jewellery to other gems and diamonds etc. More over, the individuals have become much brand conscious and they relate the jewellery they wear with their fashion terms or values.  As a result of the increasing demand in this area, there are many courses which are being introduced in the area of jewellery designing. Any individual who has completed the 12th class can join for the jewellery designing courses. There are many short terms as well as regular course, diploma & graduate level courses etc in this field of jewellery designing. Some of the reputed institutes which offer courses in this area are as follows –

  • National Institute of Jewellery Design and Technology
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology
  • Jesani Institute
  • J.D.Institute of Fashion Technology
  • Indian Institute of Jewellery

Career Opportunities

As already mentioned, the jewellery industry is growing very fast and this is giving immense job opportunities to the most professionally qualified and talented individuals in this industry. The career opportunities after the completion of the courses in the Jewellery design are numerous. One of the main advantages associated with this business is that the qualified candidates can look for self employment. Other than this, the individuals can also get employed in various fashion houses, in the area of export, retail sector; can work under individual designers, jewellery firms etc. The level of competition in this industry is very high which needs the individuals to really given in their best to emerge successful in this industry on a whole. The most significant factor in this area of business is to build a niche segment. The individuals who are involved in this field should be able to create a separate identity for themselves to succeed in this field.



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