JNTU, B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, Production Technology Papers


Production technology is one of the oldest and important subjects taught to mechanical engineers all over the country. The subject is an integral part of the syllabus of mechanical engineering, and includes topics which are essential for a mechanical engineer to learn.

Paper description:

The paper of production technology in mechanical engineering holds great importance. The paper includes study of various kinds of technology which are used in production. This involves study of various principles and methods in which the production instruments work. The mechanical working of these instruments and the yield dependency factors in the production technology is also an important part of this subject.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions like the different types of welding positions, the concept of filler metals, and the importance of casting process are repeated in almost every year’s question paper. Apart from that question on various kinds of mills, and the various types of material used in the production part is also asked every year.

Paper Pattern:

The JNTU B.tech in Mechanical Engineering-Production Technology Paper is a mixed paper with theoretical as well as conceptual questions. The question paper has 8 subjective questions in it. All these 8 questions are divided into 2 sub parts for the ease of answering. Every question in the paper is of 16 marks each. Candidates are asked to answer any 5 from the given eight questions. These 5 questions can be any 5 from the given 8.

Mark and Time Allotted:

The total mark of the paper is 80, and the time duration in which the paper is to be answered is 3 hours or 180 minutes.

Recommended books:

Production Engg., by P. C. Sharma
Engineertingb production by R.K.Jain

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