Junior Mathematics Olympiad 2012


Junior Mathematics Olympiad is a globally significant talent hunt exam conducted for the students in school level. In India, the exam is organized by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) which runs under the government of India. Junior Mathematics Olympiad is conducted in 3 stages - Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO), Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) and International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). By screening process in the first two stages, 6 talented eligible ones will be selected for representing the country in the IMO.

Structure of Junior Mathematics Olympiad

The Junior Mathematics Olympiad question paper will consist of questions which the aspirants have studied in their preceding classes. The problems will be exceptionally of high difficulty range. The candidates should have a good idea in topics such as number theory, geometry, algebra and combinatory and so on. The time duration of the test is 3 hours with in which they have to answer 10 questions. The maximum score one can achieve in the Junior Mathematics Olympiad is 100 marks.

Syllabus of Junior Mathematics Olympiad

There is no fixed syllabus for the Junior Mathematics Olympiad. The aspirants should have a good knowledge in Mathematics. Questions will also be there from class 10th Algebra. The main purpose of the exam is to evaluate the candidates’ mathematical skill and knowledge. Generally the questions will be from the following sections.

  • Number theory
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Arithmetic of integers
  • Geometry
  • Quadratic equations and expressions
  • Trigonometry
  • Co-ordinate geometry
  • Systems of linear equations
  • Permutations and combinations
  • Factorisation of polynomials
  • Inequalities
  • Elementary Combinatory
  • Probability theory and number theory
  • Finite series and complex numbers
  • Elementary graph theory

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates those who have passed their 9th standard with B2 grade in aggregate and B1 grade in Mathematics can apply for the Junior Mathematics Olympiad. The 7th, 8th and 9th standard students who have good knowledge in mathematics can also apply.

How to Apply?

The eligible and willing students can obtain the application form from the regional office. Some of the schools also provide their students with this facility. The duly filled application form has to be submitted along with the registration fee of Rs.40/- with in the last date. The regional office as well as the school authorities will keep one copy of the registration form for their record.

Important Dates (Tentative)

[Please note that we only provide tentative dates based on previous years dates. For exact dates related information it is always best to check official websites only.]

Last Date for Submission of registration form: Mid of July, 2012

Date of exam: First week of September, 2012

Date of declaration of result: Mid of November, 2012

List of Junior Mathematics Olympiad Centres

The examination centres for the Junior Mathematics Olympiad may change each year according to the number of candidates from each place. The same will be intimated to the principal of each concerned school by the Assistant Commissioner of Junior Mathematics Olympiad. The school authorities will inform the students and admit cards will be provided to them.

Contact Address for Junior Mathematics Olympiad

The email ids of some of the officials in various centres concerned with Junior Mathematics Olympiad are mentioned below.

Reference Books for Junior Mathematics Olympiad

  • International Mathematical Olympiad Problem Collections by S. L. Greitzer
  • Problem Primer for the Olympiads C.R. Pranesachar, B.J. Venkatachala and C.S. Yogananda
  • An Excursion in Mathematics by M. R. Modak, S.A. Katre and V.V. Acharya
  • Modern Geometry by Durrel M.A
  • An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers by I. Niven & H. S. Zuckerman
  • Problem Solving Strategies by Arthur Engel
  • Elementary Number Theory by David Burton
  • An introduction to the theory of numbers by G. H. Hardy & Wright
  • Functional Equations by B.J. Venkatachala
  • 103 Trigonometry Problems by Andreescu T, Feng Z
  • Mathematical Circles: Russian Experience by Fomin
  • Mathematics under the Microscope by Alexandre V. Borovik
  • Revolutions of Geometry by Michael O’Leary
  • Excursions in geometry by Charles Stanley Ogilvy
  • Excursions in number theory by Charles Stanley Ogilvy, John
  • 104 Number Theory Problems by Andreescu T, Feng Z
  • Excursions into mathematics by Anatole Beck and Michael N. B
  • Playing with infinity by Rozsa Peter
  • Excursions into Mathematics by Anatole Beck, Michael N. B
  • Mathematical Excursion, Enhanced Edition by Richard N. Aufmann, J
  • Mathematics makes sense by William Dennis Lewis
  • The Penguin dictionary of curious and interesting geometry by David Wells
  • What is mathematics? By Richard Courant, Herbert
  • BMA’s Handbook of Mathematics
  • Problem and Solutions From Around the World by Andreescu T, Feng Z
  • Lecture Notes on Mathematical Olympiad Courses by Xu Jiagu
  • Problems of Number Theory in Mathematical Competition by Yu Hong-bing
  • A First Step to Mathematical Olympiad Problems by Derek Holton
  • Geometry problems from Mathematical Olympiads by R. Todev
  • Inequalities: A Mathematical Olympiad by Radmila Bulajich
  • Graph Theory (Mathematical Olympiad Series) by Xiong Bin
  • Selected Problems of the Vietnamese Mathematical Olympiad by Hai Chau Le
  • High School Mathematics Contests by R. Todev
  • Twenty Problem Solving Skills by Jane Chen
  • Combinatorial Problems in Mathematical Competitions by Yao Zhang
  • Competition Math for Middle School by J. Batterson
  • A Second Step to Mathematical Olympiad Problems by Derek Holton
  • Nordic Mathematical Contest by R. Todev
  • Estonian Mathematical Olympiad by R. Todev
  • Concepts in Competitive Mathematics by Zachary M Boazman
  • Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College mathematics by V. Krishnamurthy, C.R. Pranesachar, K.N. Ranganathan and B.J. Venkatachala
  • 15,000 problems from Mathematical Olympiads book by R. Todev
  • The South African Mathematics Olympiads by R. Todev
  • Mathematical Olympiad Challenges by Titu Andreescu
  • Lecture Notes on Mathematical Olympiad Courses by Jiagu Xu
  • Problems and Solutions in Euclidean Geometry by M. N. Aref
  • 102 Combinatorial Problems by Titu Andreescu
  • Charming Proofs: A Journey into Elegant Mathematics by Claudi Alsina
  • Number Theory: Structures, Examples, and Problems by Titu Andreescu
  • Functions and Polynomials problems and solutions by R. Todev
  • Hard Math for Middle School: IMLEM Plus Edition by Glenn Ellison
  • A Primer for Mathematics Competitions by Alex Zawaira
  • Mathematical Competitions by R. Todev
  • Counting and Configurations by Jiri Herman
  • Fundamentals of Modern Geometry by K.C. Sinha
  • Geometry problems and solutions from Mathematical Olympiads by Todev

Coaching Centres for Junior Mathematics Olympiad

  • Toppers’ Academy
  • Nehru Children’s Cultural Association Mathematics Olympiad coaching
  • Aryan Classes
  • Speed Maths Training Center
  • Parmar Classes
  • TIME
  • Abacus Training institute
  • Sharpkids Abacus Pvt. Ltd
  • VPM Classes
  • Science and Mathematics Academy for Real Talents (SMART)
  • Yukti Educational Services Pvt. Ltd

Study Plan

The exam is highly competitive and hence preparation is a must for clearing each stages of the Junior Mathematics Olympiad. The aspirants should spend at least 2 hours each day to work on the major topics such as geometry, number theory, inequality, etc. The students are required to practise with many sample question papers.

Score Validity

The score validity of the exam will be for 12 months.



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