Kuvempu University, B. A., 3rd Year, Economics, Indian Economy (Paper- IV) Papers


About the university:

Kuvempu University is one of the renowned and prestigious universities of Karnataka. It may not be very big, but is sufficiently enough to impart quality and outstanding education to all its students. The university has a big name in the state as well in the country.

About the subject:

Indian Economy basically deals with the study of various factors and characteristics of Indian economy. The subject deals with the reason of fall and rise of the economy, and close study of variables which play an important role in the set up of the economy. The subject talks about everything starting from agriculture, to trade and commerce, and lastly about the export and import of commodities in India!


Module-1: An Outline of Indian Economy

Indicators of Development- Trends in India’s National Income and Percapita Income - Human Development Index- Linkages between Economic Growth and human Development.

Module-2: Agriculture in India

Productivity Trends in Indian Agriculture – International comparison –Causes for Low Productivity- Green Revolution II- Food Security and Self Sufficiency – Public Distribution System as a means of Social Justice – New Agricultural Strategy – National Agricultural Policy 2000- Irrigation  - Water Preservation – Rain water harvesting – Water Management – Agricultural Marketing – Current Problems – Agriculture Finance - Institutional and Non Institutional– SEZs and Agriculture

Module – 3: Indian Industry and Service Sector

Industrial Policy – Recent issues – Small Scale and  Cottage Industries-Industrial sickness- Labor Problems and Policies in India: Latest trends – Current Issues in Indian Service Sector- IT, Education and Tourism.

Module-4: Financial System in India

Money Market : Composition and Features – Capital Market : Composition and Features –NBFIs – Mutual Funds – Venture Capital – Stock Market – SEBI –Monetary Policy in India – Financial Sector Reforms- Banking  Sector Reforms and Insurance Sector Reforms.

Module –5: Public Finance and Trade

Central Government Revenues: Trends and Issues- Central Government Expenditure: Trends and Issues- India’s Public Debt: An Overview- Foreign trade: Trends and Issues- Impact of Globalization on Indian Economy

Topics taught in this paper:

The paper teaches the various factors and its importance in the Indian economy. The subject also deals with the study of the various kinds of economic factors that are to be controlled and measured. The controllable measures and study of these factors are also part of the subject.

Division of the paper:

The questions in the questions paper are categorized in some order in to sections. There are three such sections in this paper. The sections are A, B, and C.

Paper Pattern:

As mentioned above, the paper is divided in to three sections and every section has different marking scheme in it. The first section of the paper, section A, has all together 4 questions. The candidates have to answer any 3, and thus can fetch out 15 marks from this sections. The section B of the paper has questions of 10 marks each. There are 3 questions, out of which the candidates have to answer any 2, summing up to 20 marks. Section C has all together 4 questions, out of which 3 are to be answered. Each question in this segment is of 15 marks constituting 45 marks for this section.

Total Marks and Time allotted:

The total marks of the paper are 80 and the paper is to be answered in 3 hours only.

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