Kuvempu University, M.A. in Economics, Development Economics (Paper-II) Papers


Development economics paper-2 has to be answered by all M.A economics students of Kuvempu University during the course. The question paper is printed in both English and Urdu so as to make its readability more flexible.

Paper pattern

The paper consists of ten questions without any sub questions. All the candidates are required to answer five questions out of the ten. The paper consists of questions from the entire syllabus. The questions are descriptive type questions and there are no short answer-questions. Thus there is a need for vivid preparation.  There are no sections in the question paper.

Allotment of marks

The maximum mark of the paper is 80. The candidates have to answer four questions in all and each answer carries 20 marks. The marks are allotted for the points that the candidates state while answering the questions. If the candidate attempts more than four questions, four questions bearing the highest mark will be taken for aggregation.

Duration of the paper

The candidates are allotted 3 hours to complete answering all the four questions. This gives a candidate about 45 minutes for the answering each question. Three hours is ample for answering the question paper.

About the subject

Development economics is a very important subject for those who are pursuing M.A economics under Kuvempu University. The candidates need to master the subject properly and should develop the skill of using their knowledge in practical situation as there are questions dealing with application economics in the question paper. Answering those questions is possible only if you have good command on the subject.


When preparing for the exam, make sure to take a look at previous year question papers. This will help a lot in understanding the pattern of the exam and you will be able to ascertain the question that are likely to appear on your question paper.

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