Kuvempu University B.A Political Science 3rd Year Paper-IV: Public Administration Papers


The Public Administration paper is considered as the paper four of the Bachelors in Arts Degree under the discipline of Political science from the much known University of Kuvempu. The paper on Public Administration is encountered in the final year of the three year course of B.A.

Paper pattern:

The paper of this particular subject comes in two languages, English and the local language and one can choose any one of the languages to answer the paper. There are sixteen questions in the entire question paper and the questions are divided among three sections. Section A asks one to choose any two from the four questions given, each question is of 15 marks.  Section B has 7 questions of 10 marks each and students are required to answer any 4 questions of their choice. Section c has 4 questions of 5 marks each, out of which only 2 need to be answered.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The maximum marks allotted to the Public Administration Paper is eighty marks as the three sections has  30, 40 and 10 respectively. The time allotted is three hours only.

Frequently asked questions:

The commonly encountered questions in the Public Administration paper are mostly from topics like public and private administration, concepts of accountability, right to information. Administrative powers and behavior, scientific management, theories of motivation, legislative, executive and judicial control etc. Other topics include role of civil service, people’s participation, leadership theories, HR schools etc.

Advice for the students

The students must answer to the point including all the data required by the answer. Time management also plays a big role as some questions are of 15 marks and are very time consuming. Students must divide their time accordingly so that they can complete their paper.


  • Books on Public Administration - Saujanya Books
  • New horizons of Pub Adm : Mohit Bhattacharya
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