Kuvempu University BBM First Year-Economics for Managers Papers


The Economics for Managers papers is a prerequisite for the proper Managerial posts and their disposition.Students are herein made familiar with several terms such as:  law of Diminishing margin utility, production possibility curve, trade cycle etc.

Importance of paper:

Economics is the basis of development of a country’s wealth and prosperity and thus it is a very important paper, students well trained in this field can efficiently handle complex financial problems striking all around the globe.


The question paper is printed in two languages. The total no. of questions contained by this paper is 18. The question paper is divided into three sections as Section A, Section B and Section C. Section A contains a total of four questions of which only two are to be solved carrying a total of 30 marks. Section B of the paper contains 6 questions of which only three are to be answered. There are total 8 questions in the Section C of the question paper. Out of these 8 questions only four are to be answered correctly.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions asked in the paper are such as Risk theory of rents, Haw trey theory of trade cycle, explanation of the production probability curve with a diagram, wage fund theory, short note on Accelerator, theory of interest, explanation of consumer’s equilibrium with the help of indifference curve, relation between average cost and marginal cost, different methods of calculating national income, law of demand factors determining the demand, price and output determination under price competition, trade cycle and its phases.

Time and marks:

The maximum marks for the paper is 70 and the total time given to the students is 3 hours.

Recommended books:

Macroeconomics for beginners

Industrial Economics textbook

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    write the system of calculation of project profitability

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    write down the lncremental principles with a numerical illustration