Kuvempu University, B. Sc, Zoology Paper-II Papers


Topics taught in this paper:

The topics that are discussed in this paper are anatomy of organism, their internal structure sexual dimorphism, zoogeography, pneumatic bones, characteristics of chordates, etc.

Division of paper:

The question paper is divided as per the types of questions as short notes, very short answers, etc.

Time and marks allotted:

The total time duration allocated for solving this paper is of three hours and with a maximum 85 marks.

Paper Pattern:

The question paper comprises of a total of 33 questions. There is no word limit in this question paper. The first group is very short answer type questions comprising of a total of 12 questions carrying a maximum of 12 marks. The Group II is short answer type question. There are total 8 questions in this paper of which only six are to be answered. Each question of this paper carries 3 marks. The next section of the paper is medium type which comprises of a total of 10 questions of which seven are to be attempted. Each question of this group carries a maximum of 5 marks. The last group of the paper is the long answer type. There are total four questions in this group. Out of the 4 questions only 2 are to be attempted.

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