Kuvempu University, Final Year M.A. (Education), Technology of Teaching Papers


Technology in teaching is one of the papers in the MA in Education course which a student encounters during the second or rather the final year of his course. There are four papers one needs to attempt and Technology in teaching is one of them. The student is judged on an internal assessment paper and an elaborate subjective paper.

Paper pattern:

It is a subjective paper and has all essay type of questions with all being long and has equal marks allotted to them. All of them have 10 marks and there is an option of choosing eight questions out of the 12 questions that is given. There is also a paper on internal assessment with 15 marks.

Maximum time allotted and maximum marks:

The maximum time allotted for attempting the paper is 3 hours and the maximum marks one can score is 80 marks. There are a total of 8 questions that needs to be answered so one can distribute the time equally as the marks are also equally divided in these questions

Frequently asked questions:

some of the most frequently asked questions range from explanation of descriptive theories of teaching, approaches to teaching, branched programmed instructions, concepts pertaining to microteaching, use of web technology in teaching, Suchman’s inquiry training model and its usage and theory, non-directive teaching model of Carl Rogers and its applications, comparisons between teacher centered and student centered approaches in teaching. The role of teaching system and the impact of behavioral learning, role of communications in teaching, classroom teaching using Biddle’s model.

Basic questions are pertaining to the various theories and models of teaching and the role of various technologies that aid of abrupt teaching.

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