Reference Books for CSIR NET Exam in Chemical Science


Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry are the main topics covered under CSIR NET Exam in Chemical Science. The article lists out reference books in these areas which can help one to prepare well for the exam.

Books on Physical Chemistry

  • Essentials of Nuclear Chemistry by H. J Arnikar
  • Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry by S.H. Maron and J.B. Lando
  • Mathematical preparation for physical Chemistry by F. Daniel
  • Physical Chemistry - A Molecular Approach by D. A. McQuarrie and J. D. Simon
  • Physical Chemistry by G.M. Barrow
  • Physical Chemistry by I. N. Levine
  • Physical Chemistry by K. J. Laidler and J. M. Meiser
  • Physical Chemistry by P. C. Rakshit
  • Physical Chemistry by P.W. Atkins
  • Physical Chemistry through Problems by S.K. Dogra and S. Dogra
  • Principles of Physical Chemistry by B. R. Puri, L. R. Sharma, and M. S. Pathania
  • Principles of Physical Chemistry by Maron and Pruton
  • University General Chemistry by C.N. R Rao

Books on Inorganic Chemistry

  • Basic Inorganic Chemistry by F. A. Cotton, G. Wilkinson, and Paul L. Gaus
  • Chemistry of Organic Natural Products by O. P. Agarwal
  • Concepts and models in Inorganic Chemistry by B.Douglas, D.Me Daniel, John Alexander
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D Lee
  • Inorganic Chemistry – Principles of structure and reactivity by J.E. Huheey, E.A. Keiter, R.L. Keiter, U.k. Medhi
  • Inorganic Chemistry by A. G. Sharpe
  • Inorganic Chemistry by D. F. Shriver and P. W. Atkins
  • Modern Inorganic Chemistry by R. C. Aggarwal
  • New guide to modern valence Theory by G.I. Brown
  • Organic Chemistry by B. Y. Paula
  • Organic Chemistry by Clayden
  • Organic Polymer Chemistry by K. J. Saunders

Books on Organic Chemistry

  • A guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Peter Sykes
  • Applications of Absorption Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds byDyer
  • Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis by B.K.Sharma
  • Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy by Barrow
  • Molecular Spectroscopy by Banwell
  • Organic Chemistry – Structure and Reactivity by Seyhan N. Ege
  • Organic Chemistry by I. L. Finar
  • Organic Chemistry by Paula Y. Bruice
  • Organic Chemistry by R. T. Morrison and R. N. Boyd
  • Organic Chemistry by S. M. Mukherjee, S. P. Singh, and R. P. Kapoor
  • Organic Polymer Chemistry by K. J. Saunder
  • Organic Spectroscopy by William Kemp
  • Polarography and Allied Techniques by V.Suryanarayana Rao
  • Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds by P.S.Kalsi

The aspirants should make use of these books and prepare for the entrance exam. The candidates may also try referring some online course materials and e-books as part of preparation.



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    Will you tell me the best institute for coaching of net chemical sciences and best study material…

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    SIR,iam very poor student.please suggest a single book for chemical science,which is more beneficial as compared to other that i will purcase.

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    I am B pharma (2010) and having 2 years indrustrial experience . now i want to do Msc in chemistry . In 12th i was not having maths , kindly guide me, can i do Msc