DCE Chemistry Paper


DCE is identified as very strong foundation for engineering education in India. Since its establishment, DCE is constantly leading the way in reforming moments. It has assumed many roles this modern society with pivotal roles in reconstructing, modernizing and administration of society. The Chemistry paper has three sections namely Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.

Questions from the inorganic section require a bit of mugging when compared to questions from the physical or organic section.  In organic and physical chemistry, you need to know every detail about many chemical reactions on which the papers are based on. Since the paper is similar to AIEEE’s chemistry paper, same preparation is required for the above exam too. Usually the entrance exam is conducted in the last week of May therefore giving students enough time to prepare for the exam after they finish their 12th exams.

Since DCE being most reputed colleges of the country many aspirants apply for the same, hence increasing the level of completion. But the students who have completed their 12th from Delhi get 85% of quotas.

The Entrance test has 60 objectives type questions from 3 main subjects that being physics, chemistry and mathematics each. Questions are basically asked from CBSE course material of 11th and 12th syllabus. In the examination there are four options for each question asked and with just one correct answer. A right answer gives you 4 marks and a wrong one results in penalty of 1 mark. Maximum marks for the entire examination is 720.

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