List of Courses in Central University of Kerala


Central University of Kerala came into existence in the year 2009 along with the newly established 15 Central Universities in India established through the Central University Act 2009. The university is located in the northern-most district of the state of Kerala and the jurisdiction of the university is spread over the whole state of Kerala. The university is presently operating from a temporary campus at Kasaragod town in the state of Kerala.

The Central University of Kerala is operating with the mission of extending the scope of learning through a holistic methodology that accommodates cultural, scientific or linguistic traditions. The teaching professionals of the university contribute towards its objectives and the university follows multidimensional approach in execution and designing of its courses with a hope to create a paradigm shift in the educational scenario.

Different schools like School of Mathematical & Physical Sciences, School of Biological Sciences, School of Global Studies and School of Languages and Comparative Literature and a centre called Centre for Linguistic Applications and Production are functioning under the university. In addition to these schools and centre, different faculties like faculty of animal sciences, faculty of genomic science, faculty of biochemistry & molecular biology, faculty of economic & global studies and faculty of Comparative literature are also functioning under the university. The list of courses offered the University of Kerala through its different schools of education is given below:

School of Languages & Comparative Literature:

Department of Comparative Literature:

Integrated Master of Philosophy/Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Literature

Master of Arts in Comparative Literature

Department of Hindi:

Master of Arts in Hindi

School of Global Studies:

Department of Economics:

Integrated Master of Philosophy/Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

Master of Arts in Economics

School of Biological Sciences:

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology:

Integrated Master of Philosophy/Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemisry

Master of Science in

o Biochemistry

o Molecular Biology

Department of Geonomic Science:

Integrated Master of Philosophy/Doctor of Philosophy in Geonomics

Master of Science in Geonomic Science

Department of Animal Sciences:

Integrated Master of Philosophy/Doctor of Philosophy in Taxanomy

Master of Science in Animal Sciences

Department of Plant Sciences:

Master of Science in Plant Sciences

Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences:

Department of Physics:

Integrated Master of Philosophy/Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

Master of Science in Physics

Department of Computer Science:

Master of Science in Computer Science

Department of Mathematics:

Master of Science in Mathematics

Thus, the Central University of Kerala is presently offering six integrated M. Phil and Ph. D courses and 10 PG courses in total in the disciplines of science and arts. Students getting admission to the integrated course, will have to complete the M. Phil course to gain entry to the Ph. D course. Even candidates can discontinue the course after completion of the M. Phil course in the integrated M. Phil/Ph. D courses. The university follows choice based credit system for evaluation of performance of the students in the semester examinations.

Recently, the School of Languages and Comparative Literature and the School of Biological Sciences has entered into an agreement with some of the prestigious institutions and universities belonging to foreign countries like University of Queensland, Australia, University of California of the USA and Texas Tech. University to receive faculty members.



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