List of Courses in Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya


Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya as the name implies is a Sanskrit University that came into existence in the year 1997 on the 18th of September. The university is located in the state of Maharashtra and before the establishment of this university, there was no such university in the state and this is the first of its kind in the state of Maharasthra. The university is unique when compared to the other Sanskrit universities in India since the other universities cover only traditional areas of the subject of Sanskrit like Sahitya, Vyakarana, Dharmashastra, Nyaya and Mimamsa. On the other hand, Kavilguru Kalidas Sanskrit University offers innovative educational programmes, which covers modern subjects in association with the traditional Sanskrit subjects.

Even though, the courses offered by the university emphasize on modernity, the university has ensured that the traditional aspects of the subject are not left out in any way. Most of the courses offered by the university are consultancy oriented and it lays special attention on science & technology as preserved in the holy texts of Sanskrit. The university is offering courses under various categories like certificate, junior diploma, senior diploma, higher diploma, diploma & post diploma, UG and PG courses. The list of courses offered by K.K. Sanskrit University is given below:

Certificate Courses:

Certificate Course in

o Vedic Studies

o Dance (Bharatnatyam)

o Gita

o Kathak

o Organic Farming

Junior Diploma Courses:

Junior Diploma in

o Dance (Bharatnatyam)

o Folk Dance

o Vedic Studies

o Gita

o Keertanshastra

o Bhajan

o Kathak

Senior Diploma Courses:

Senior Diploma in

o Keertanshastra

o Vedic Studies

o Dance (Bharatnatyam)

o Gita

o Kathak

Higher Diploma Courses:

Higher Diploma in

o Dance (Bharatnatyam)

o Paurohitya

Diploma Courses:

Pre Degree Diploma in Dance

Sanskrit Agam (One year Diploma in Sanskrit)

Sanskrit Sadhana (One year Diploma in Sanskrit)

Sanskrit Parichaya (One year Diploma in Sanskrit)

Diploma in

o Prakrit

o Purana

o Jainology

o Ayurved (for foreign students)

o Ecology

o Yogashastra

o Pali

o German Language

o Vastushastra

o Vedanga Jyotish

o Ramayan and Mahabharat

o Indian Culture and Values

o Music

o Upanishadas

o Yoga, Naturopathy and Dietetics (DYND)

o Functional Sanskrit

o Indology

Post Graduate Diploma Courses:

PG Diploma in

o Computer Application

o Vedanta and Sanskrutam

o Buddhist Studies

o Teaching Sanskrit through English

o Yogic Sciences

o Appreciation of Indian Art

o Environmental Management

UG Courses:

Bachelor of Arts in

o Sanskrit (Visharad)

o Additional Sanskrit

o Pali (Visharad)

o Vedanga Jyotish

o Vedic Studies

o Yogashastra

o Civil Services

o Professional (Vyavasaik)

o Keertanshastra

Bachelor of Yoga, Naturopathy and Dietetics (BYND)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

o General

o Bharatnatyam

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

B.Ed (Sanskrit)

PG Courses:

Master of Arts in

o Sanskrit

o Keertanshastra

o Yogashastra

o Vedanga Jyotish

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) (Bharatnatyam)

Master of Philsophy in Sanskrit

Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University is functioning with the objective of rejuvenating, cherishing and disseminating the vision, wisdom, knowledge and values presented in the Sanskrit Literature and Language and to establish a developing synthesis between modern scientific and ancient Indian Wisdom with focus on the needs of today and tomorrow. The university is offering education through more than 80 affiliated colleges and several institutions are awaiting the affiliation from this university. The institutions affiliated to this university are offering education in the fields of yoga, naturopathy, library science, fine arts, Buddhist studies and of course Sankrit. Thus, this university plays an important role in the preservation of the values of the holy language of Sanskrit, which is regarded as the pride of the country.



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