Mass Communication Colleges in Assam


Assam is assumed to be the head of the “Seven Sister States” of the North-East India and has some good colleges to study Mass Communication. Mass Communication is basically said to be the bridge between the common mass and the incidents happening. The study of mass media is termed as Mass Communication. Broadly, mass media is of two types- Electronic Media and Print Media. Electronic media includes television, radio, internet, etc. while the print media includes newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Mass Communication has become very important for our day-to-day lives and there is hardly any section of the society which has not been through the scanner of mass media.

The various courses that are offered by the institutes are Bachelor of Communication & Journalism,

M. A. in Mass Communication and Journalism, Diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism, Masters of Mass Communication, etc. The special features of the colleges are its faculty, infrastructure, environment, etc. The graduates of Mass Communication programs work in a variety of fields such as publication houses, news agencies, public relations, news readers, research institutes, etc.

List of top Mass Communication colleges in Assam:

Gauhati University, Department of Communication & Journalism, Guwahati

Assam University, Silchar

Actual List

National Education Foundation, Ulubari

Tezpur University (Department of Mass Communication & Journalism), Napaam, Tezpur

Gauhati University, Department of Communication & Journalism, Guwahati

Assam University, Silchar

Popular Cities: Dispur, Guwahati, Silchar, Jorhat

Admission procedure is normal. Every year each institute set the cut off percentage and admissions are granted to those who successfully fulfill the criteria. Admission tests are also taken. Sports quota, army quota, management quota, railway quota, etc. are also a way to get admitted into the institutes. Quota systems for backward classes are also normal. In every institute some seats are reserved for the backward and minority classes. All other details can be availed from the official website of the corresponding institutes.



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