Post Diploma in Mass Communication


Mass communication is the study of various method of relaying information through mass media to the public of a nation by some individuals or organizations at a same time. It is generally related to the functioning of newspaper, magazines, media, television, film, advertising and many more related sectors. So for proper functioning of all units of this sector we require a group of trained professionals. Hence a post diploma is offered in mass communication in various colleges of India.


A candidate is eligible for post diploma in courses in mass communication if he or she has a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in mass communication from any recognized institute of the country.  The admission is purely based on the merit of the candidate.

Course Outlook

The 1 year course of Post Diploma in Mass communication is offers in English medium in most colleges of India. This course focuses on various factors like language, communication skill, monitoring and operation of the job etc. The candidate is evaluated on the basis of practical and theoretical performances in each half yearly semester. They re graded according to their performances.

Job prospect

There are good job prospect in the field of mass communication. With so many magazines, pares, TV and radio channels the post diploma holders are appointed in various posts and places and paid a good remuneration. The job generally consists of obtaining news scoops, preparation and presentation before the audiences and their main goal is to attract more number of audiences.

Best Place to pursue

• South Delhi Polytechnic for Women
• University of Delhi
• College of Media & Communication



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    i wants to know about colleges in lucknow for mass communication pls let me inform abt the colleges as soon as possible.

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    What is better for me the B.A in mass communication or post diploma.?

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    hi this is varun last year i;v complete bachelor of mass communication looking for post graduation u can tell me the date if entrance exam and how to download forum .