Master in Public relations


Public relations are one of those topics which attract a lot of eyes as well as a lot of impact. The economic growths of countries are quite high and that is the reason that people face a lot of competition in almost all the sectors. Along with that it also becomes necessary to deal with public. That is the place where Public relations come in to play and importance. It involves a lot of high level course and Master in Public relation is one of them.

Under this course, one is taught about the various ways and methods of dealing over an issue with public. The matter may be in your favor or in their, but the way of communicating is quite important. That is what is taught under the course of Masters in Public relations. The prime importance and stress of the course lies upon the communication skills and orientations of maintaining a healthy and fruitful relation with public.

One needs to be at least a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible for this course of Masters in public relation. The graduation certificate or the bachelor level degree should be from the a well recognized institute or university of India.

Course Outlook:

The course duration of master in Public relation is not quite certain. Few universities offer this course in just 2 years whereas few offer it with 1 year’s duration.

Job prospects:

There are plenty of jobs in the market after completion of this degree. One is readily accepted in the multi national companies and public relation manager. Apart from that, many government organizations also recruit these degree holders.

Best Place to Pursue:

Xavier’s Institute of Communication
Symbiosis Institute of Mass communication



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    I am homeopathic doctor and i want to do public ralation officer courseonline please give me advice

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    Harish sharm:

    Sar, i an doing b.a. In political science! This is my last year my agrecate percent is 55 %! Sar i am cnfouse wht should i do i go for h.r. or journalism or international relation or law? I juz want to do a good course in a good goverment college i want to make my carier! And my favrout sub is political science i can apply in jun with this parcent for ir or journalism sar pls help me!

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    Mndeni Mthembu:

    I have been called in for the entrance test and would like to know what kind of quetions should I expect going for such test and would also like know if does one need a calculater in such test or not?

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    Piyush Banhani:

    hello Sir/Ma’am,

    Can you pls tell me colleges for public relation and their process.

    Thank you.

    Piyush Banhani.

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    Manjinder Jassal:

    please tell me that can i come to uk after 12th class by passing a test online

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    I wish to apply for a Public Relations course after my BA i want to know what all does the entrance test consist of how should i prepare for the same.

    Thank you.

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    syllabus for the entrance test in public relation masters degree.