Masters In International Relations


International relations are a subject that is really hard to teach. Yet it has a hell lot importance in the present day society. We all know the dependence of one country on another. Even at the grass root level, every sector is dependent on the other sector in some way or the other. That is the reason that so many courses of various level are being offered in International relations, and one of them being Master in International relations.

It is a master level course and hence contains detailed teaching of various aspects of maintaining a relation. It may sound quite easy but when it comes to serious issues, we do need some experts to tackle the relations without letting any hamper to be caused. That is what is taught in this course.

One needs to be at least a graduate and should have a bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible for the course of master in international relations. The graduation certificate or the bachelor’s degree should be of a well recognised institute or university of India.

Course Outlook:

The duration of the course of Master in International relations is not certain. It varies from university to university. Few university offers this course with duration of 2 years whereas many universities offers this course that completes after 1 year only.

Job Prospects:

There are plenty of Jobs after successful completion of this course. one is readily recruited in the embassy office of India or under the office of external affairs to maintain healthy relationships with various countries. Even private companies recruit these degree holders.

Best places To Pursue:

Madras University

University of Delhi



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17 Responses to “Masters In International Relations”

  1. 17
    Ruth Jacob:

    I am a student of second year mass media and would like to do the Maters in Inter national relations. Please let me know the procedures in Delhi University and in Madras University and their duration etc.

  2. 16

    Is there any best university in hyderbad for masters in international relations

  3. 15

    when will the forms be available for applying to MA in international relations in university of Delhi? What is the last date for submitting the form?

  4. 14
    Alex Lotiyu Elia:

    I am a south Sudanese ,working with government and having a b.degre in mass communication science &also post graduate diploma in diplomatic studiess in Khartoum university .hence I want to do master degree of an international relations in Delhi university .pls give me additive urgently .

  5. 13
    yahya fahim:

    i am Medical doctor in the kabul afghanistan ,i want to take admission for the Mater degree in the international degree in the delhi uninversity.
    i need for the all reqaurments which you want from me.

  6. 12
    zafar imam:

    respected,sir i want to do master in international relation from jnu delhi so need the further syllabus for its entrance examination 2012,so kindly send me all the sufficient informtion about tgat how to prepare for this entrance eamination ,thnk you zafar imam

  7. 11
    aamir hasan:

    How to prepare for MIB entrance exam/syllabus

  8. 10

    How are you.i dont have more time for my test days.july 5th is last date of my test in numl university islamabad i want to some suggestion for international relation test for master.

  9. 9

    sir plz send me the syllabus of international relation sub. for delhi university enterance exam nd plz send me the dates to fill up the forms

  10. 8

    what are the job opportunity after this program me.

  11. 7

    I have finished my i want to do MA in international relations.I want to know what are job opportuinities after the course?which university will be best for it.can we get chance to work in abroad after the course?

  12. 6

    what is the syllabus for international relation entrance exam in JNU ?

  13. 5
    Viren D'Sa:

    Currently am working at the reception of a 5Star hotel in Bombay - 2 yrs experience… Would like to pursue my MA in international /cultural studies but am not sure if i should do it.I aim to work at the UNESCO / equivalent in the department of cultures as that is where i feel my heart lies but i do not know and am confused for i do not want to end up in a dead end…. Please advise!!!

  14. 4

    M in second year in Ba but i want to persue master in international relations where i can do which university will best for me….and what should i have to read for entrance test

  15. 3

    i want to persue masters in international relations. i am planning to go abroad. is it ok to do this course from abroad?? or should i stay in india and do it? what will be the effect if i do this course from abroad. and what kind of jobs can i get after completion of the course.
    i have completed my bachelors of commerce this year.

  16. 2

    From where I can persue M.A in international Relations in india and what is the procedure for the same and what is the scope and opportunities after completion of the course.

  17. 1
    sarika Rawat:

    From where I can persue M.A in International Relations in india and what is the procedure for the same and what are job opportuinities after the course.