Role of bachelor of public relations in present era


Public relations is a career option that came in to existence as a separate function in the recent times. This is an important function which mainly involves evaluating the attitudes of the people and maintaining or creating relations between an organization and the general public. The growth of this as a separate subject came when lot of organizations in the private as well as the government sector began functioning. It is important to maintain a public image for every organization to establish a demand for their products and services in the general market. The individuals who are involved in this field should be able to develop and maintain good communication between an organization and the general public.

Course Out look

The course related to the Public Relations is in great demand among a good number of students. There are various graduate and post graduate courses in this field. The candidates who have completed their under graduate education can take up the bachelor level course relating to the area of Public Relations. On the other hand, the candidates who have a basic background in the field of arts or humanities etc can join for courses related to this field. There are various diploma and short term certificate courses in this area of public relations. The candidates who are doing the course related to advertising have a separate paper in the area of Public Relations. The course in Public relations covers mainly the following subject areas –

  • Annual reports
  • Desktop publishing and computer graphics
  • News releases
  • Organizational development
  • Proposals
  • Public Relations Management and administration
  • Public relations principles and techniques
  • Scripts
  • Social science research
  • Speeches
  • Survey design & implementation.
  • Visual communications
  • Writing

Career Avenues

The job opportunities after the completion of this course are immense. The individuals can get in to jobs in the following areas –

  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Corporate sector
  • Government agencies
  • Hotels
  • Private consultancy firms etc
  • Tourist agencies etc.

The candidate’s can always work independently with various public figures or personalities in order to build a brand new image for them in the general view of public. The nature and the area of work of a public relations officer is involved within the organization and also outside the organization. The general attitude of the public regarding the functioning of an organization is communicated through the public relations officer. The job of a public relation specialist mainly involve –

  • Advertising
  • Answering Queries
  • Community Planning
  • Maintaining good Contacts
  • Preparing Materials
  • Research Woks
  • Writing

Thus the whole course of public relations is aimed at developing and management of core communication strategies for the various organizations in general. The demand for this course in the present era is high. The job opportunities after the completion of this course are not only limited to India but also abroad. It requires the candidates to work in different roles when they enter in to the area of Public Relations within a particular sector itself.



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