M.Pharm vs. MBA in Pharma - Which course is better?


Nowadays, the field of Pharmacy has undergone many significant changes. When compared to older times, pharmacy is no longer regarded as a career which is associated with the job profile of a chemist. The career opportunities in this area are immense. Both M.Pharm and MBA in Pharma courses offer the candidates with higher career avenues. M.Pharm deals with the technical aspects where as MBA in Pharma deals with management aspects.

M.Pharm Course

M.Pharm is a preferred course among number of candidates. The immense career opportunities associated with this course has resulted in more number of candidates opting for this course. A post graduate degree along with the correct specialization stream can help the candidates to acquire good job positions. The job opportunities available after the completion of this course are equal in both public and private sector. M.Pharm holders can work mainly in the pharmaceutical industry, drug manufacturing, clinical pharmacology etc. The job opportunities also exist in areas such as Quality control, Medical Transcription, Clinical research etc. Their role in food processing industries is crucial, where in they are primarily associated with designing and implementing various quality control measures. The role of M.Pharm post graduates in the field of Research cannot be ignored. These post graduates can work as Project assistants or research fellows in several reputed research institutions. Through assisting in a particular project, they can gain adequate experience which will take them a long way in their career. A post graduate degree in Pharmacy will certainly help the candidates to get in to academic field also.

MBA in Pharma

As the pharmacy sector is growing, MBA in Pharma course will offer lucrative career opportunities to the candidates. This course helps in preparing individuals for the management challenges in the pharmaceutical field.

The candidates after successful completion of this course can find employment opportunities in diverse fields in public and private sector. There are job opportunities available abroad also for the MBA candidates in this field.

Following are some of the job positions which the candidates can get in to after completion of this course –

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Drug Inspection
  • Medical Representative
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Product manager
  • Area business Manager
  • Research
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Teaching
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Data Management

Key Difference between M. Pharm and MBA in Pharma

M. Pharm as a course focuses mainly in the subject area of Pharmacy. Graduates in Pharmacy or related subject areas can only pursue this course. On the other MBA in Pharma is a management course which trains candidates to get into different functional areas in pharmaceutical companies. This course helps in equipping the candidates with managerial skills along with the technical skills. Graduates from any field are eligible to apply for this course.

Which course is better?

It is difficult to arrive at a conclusion regarding which course is better as both the courses have their own merits. Both these courses focus on different areas related to pharmacy. M.Pharm is suitable for candidates who want to get into the technical field. The technical concepts are more emphasized in M.Pharm course. If a candidate is interested to get in to management filed, within the pharmaceutical industry MBA in Pharma is suitable.



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    Which is the best job for a pharma graduate either production & QA or Product Marketing.

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    Can we get the Licence for the Medical store,
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