A low cost tablet launched for Indian schools and Colleges


AcrossWorld Education has come up with a low cost tablet PC known as the ATab, the cost of which is Rs 5000. The firm has announced that the tablet will be offered for sale from the second week of March. ATab is developed in partnership with Go-Tech, an Indian firm based in Delhi.

Features of the tablet

ATab falls into the category of android tablets and is equipped with a 7 inch TFT touchscreen. It has a 1.1 GHz processor and is also equipped with Wi-Fi. The tablet features 512 MB RAM with an in-built memory capacity of 2GB. The memory can be expanded to 16GB.

Access to world class education content

Along with the device, the firm also offers 3 year access to EducationBridge TM. It is an education technology platform developed by AcrossWorld. With such a platform, students, teachers and institutions can access different contents such as Open Content and Legacy Content. In addition to this access will be granted to Open Educational Resources and Proprietary content. AcrossWorld will also provide professional training to educational institutions to make the most out of EducationBridge TM.

Dr. Stephan Thieringer, Chief Executive Officer of AcrossWorld says that the tablet will open doors to world class education content for students from the KG level to the university level.

Advantages of the tablet

The tablet offers many advantages to the students. One of the main advantages is that at Rs 5000 it is economical. The ATab as claimed by the company will give the students access to world class education content. When the government introduced Akash Tablet, there was a widespread concern about the lack of meaningful education content over the internet. The ATab however brings with it access to open source content developed by AcrossWorld. So the students do not have to waste time searching for what is required.

The online education content has many advantages over the traditional textbooks. The online content will be regularly updated based on recent developments in the subject. So students will be updated on the recent happenings, and this is where the textbook lacks. There will be visual examples for the theory and the concepts the students learn. It will also incorporate activities such as online quiz and tests that will engage the students actively in the process of learning. ATab is definitely going to reduce the backpack load of the students.

The tablet also offers advantages to the education institutions. It will make the process of searching information quite easy and the teachers can customize the lessons based on the interest of the students. In other words, teachers can take the help of multiple sources than relying on one or two textbooks. In the case of evaluating the performance of the students, online evaluation can be done, which will relieve the teachers and institutions hectic tasks of conducting exams. In the case of online tests, the evaluation made will be accurate and the real performance of the students can be understood.

The tablet will give access to content that is being followed across the world, and that will expose Indian students to the knowledge accessed by students from the developed countries.



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