Mumbai University B.E in Biomedical Enineering-7th Sem Principles of Image Processing Papers


Mumbai University B.E in Biomedical Engineering- Principles of Image Processing course is taught in colleges that teach biomedical engineering due to the fact that this subject is an integral part of the biomedical curriculum. Besides lab work it has 48 hours of theory work as well. The basics of the subject can take any engineering a long way in grasping the knowledge of biomedical engineering.

Importance of the paper

The course aims at the proper understanding and quick learning of the fundamentals of image processing. In the field if biomedical engineering its important for an engineering to be adept at image processing.


The format of the paper is such that it covers all the aspects of the subject. There are 7 questions of which the first one is compulsory for all. One has to attempt juts four from the 6 other questions. Needless to say the full mark is 100. The lecture has 4 credits and the lab work has 2 credits.

Paper pattern

The paper covers all aspects of the subject such that there is one question from each part of the subject. This includes basics, enhancement of image, segmentation, image transforms, image compression and description and representation.


The paper is marked such that the first compulsory question carries 20 marks and the 4 optional ones carry 20 marks too. The total marks is 100. The weightage given varies with the lecture hours given to each module and the nature is generally mixed.


The paper has to be completed by 3 hours.

Recommended books

The following books are recommended:

  • Digital Image Processing, Gonzalez and Woods- Pearson Education,
  • Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing, A.K. Jain ñP.H.I ,
  • Digital Image Processing and Analysis, Chanda Majumder.

One can refer from Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision, Sonka, Hlavac, Boyle- Cenage learning and  Digital Image Processing, William Pratt- John Wiley.

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