Mumbai University-BE in Civil Engineering-7th Sem Construction Engineering Papers


Civil engineering is taught in all universities of engineering and science. It’s important to be fluent in construction engineering as it’s the soul of the stream. One must be adept at this subject.

Importance of the paper:

It ensures that engineers of civil who are adept at this subject are hired by top core companies after completion of the course.


Examination of construction engineer has a typical paper as is the norm in this university. The first question is compulsory and awards 20 marks to people answering it well. One must be able to answer four of the other 6 questions and all of them carry equal 20 marks. Hence, it’s important to know all the topics of the subject well.

Questions asked in the paper:

The paper contains questions which are such as Ferro cement, High strength concrete with fibre strengths, Timber, defects and properties - common treatments of preserving, Kinds of plastering, roofing, flooring, construction pointing, and other features, Similar repairs in all types of buildings, Aims of usable planning of several buildings for residents and main uses - provisions of building codes, Basic aims of Economic analyzing and objectives. Even handling of projects and financial aims need to be discussed in the papers.

Time and marks:

For Construction Engineering exam you have to write 100 marks answers and for this you can’t expect more than 3 hours.

Recommended books:

  • Building Construction Handbook by Roy Chudley , Roger Greeno
  • Quantity Surveyor’s Pocket Book by Duncan Cartlidge
  • Patrick Geddes and Town Planning: A Critical View by Noah Hysler-Rubin
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