IETE AMIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Circuit Theory and Design Papers


IETE AMIETE-ET (Old Scheme) course is taught in almost all engineering college of repute as well as in colleges teaching general electronics. Like any other important course this too has 60 hours lecture besides compulsory laboratory classes as well. It aims to teach all that is needed for the proper understanding of the subject.

Importance of the paper

The course and the lab work does justify the things that need to be taught for correct understanding of the basics. In the field of electronics engineering it is one of the most vital subjects that are needed for the curriculum. Professionals trained in circuit theory and design are hired by the top most companies of the nation as well as world.


The format of the paper is such that it covers all the aspects of the subject. The topics are divided on an hourly basis for proper gathering of knowledge as far as the subject is concerned. There will be 9 questions of which the first has to be answered in the space given and is collected by the invigilator in 45 minutes after the exam starts. The rest 8 questions are given where one can write any 5 such that each has 16 marks.

Paper pattern

The paper covers all aspects of the subject such that there is one question from each part of the subject. This includes network equations, network initial conditions, differential equations ,signal amplitude phase and delay etc.


The paper is marked such that the first compulsory question carries 20 marks and the 5 optional ones carry 16 marks each. The total marks is 100.


The paper has to be completed by 3 hours.

Recommended books

Network Analysis, M.E.Van Valkenberg, 3rdEdition, and  Network Analysis and Synthesis, Franklin F Kuo are the text books. One can refer from Circuits: Engineering Concepts and Analysis of Linear Electric Circuits, A. Bruce Carlson, Thomson Brooks / Cole.

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