NET Defence and Strategic Studies (Paper II) Papers


The NET Defence and Strategic Studies Paper 2 is a 100 mark paper. The given time duration for the same is an hour and 15 minutes. The paper comprises of fifty multiple choice questions. The responses are to be recorded on a separate answer sheet by darkening the correct answer. There is provision for rough work at the end of the booklet itself. The student is expected to not smear on the answer booklet. The correction is most likely to be computer generated and any kind of smearing will result in the response being counted as invalid.

The student is not allowed to use any calculator or log table. There is no negative marking on the paper. There are a total of 50 questions in the paper. Each one carries 2 marks. The question paper is provided in both Hindi and English. The candidate is free to answer in any of the two languages. The syllabus for the exam is not clearly defined. However, one can get a clear idea of the nature of questions to expect by solving the last years’ papers which are made available on the net or in exam centres as well.

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