NET Population Studies (Paper III) Papers


Population Studies as a subject has two papers.  Paper two and paper three. Paper three is further divided into A and B. Paper – III, part A has 10 short essay type questions of 300 words carrying 16 marks each. In this paper, there is at least one question with internal choice from each unit that is a total of 10 questions from 10 units. The total marks for this paper is 160.

Paper – III, part B is a compulsory part and there is one question from each of the Elective subjects. The student has to attempt only one question that is one elective for 800 words carrying 40 marks. The total marks for this Paper – III is 200.

Paper II and III Part A form the core group having 10 units namely Source of Population Data, Methods of Demographic / Population Analysis, Population Composition and Change, Nuptiality and Fertility, Mortality, Morbidity and Health, Migration and Urbanization etc. Paper III Part B has four electives. The first one being Techniques of Population Analysis, second one being Population, Settlements and Human Ecology, third one being population, Development and Environment and the last one being Family Welfare Program in India.

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