Netaji Subhas Open University Post-Graduation in Bengali (Paper 1) Papers


NSOU offers bachelor, second, post graduate degree courses in arts, science and commerce along with many certificate and diploma courses. Post-graduation in Bengali is a full time two year course under the arts stream.

Division of the paper:

Paper 1 of post-graduation in Bengali is of 100 marks and 80% of the score obtained is added up with 20% score of the continuous class assessment marks which gives the percentage obtained by the candidate. The paper has 3 sections. In the first section one has to answer 2 questions out of 4 of 18 marks each in less than 350 words. The second section is of 36 marks where either two or three question needs to be answered out of 4 or 6 questions given in not more than 300 words and in the last section 4 questions is to be attempted each carrying 7 marks in less than 150 words.

Time Duration

A candidate gets four hours to complete his/her paper.

Syllabus of examination:

Paper 1 is based on History of Bengali Literature divided into 5 time periods namely 10th to 12th century, 16th to 17th(mid) century, Rabindranath period, 19th and 20th century. It containsinteresting short stories, dramas and poems.

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