Netaji Subhas Open University Post Graduate Commerce (Paper 9) Papers

Advertisements students of Netaji Subhas Open University have to learn cost accounting during the course and also have to take its exam. The paper of cost accounting is coded as paper 9. The paper is about finance and is about accounting. This is a commercial-mathematical paper. This is a very important paper for all students and they need to master this subject properly.

Information on the subject and paper pattern

The subject is mainly concerned with financial accounting and is a both a theoretical and mathematical subject. Hence, a lot of practise is required to get through the exam with ease. The paper is divided into four sections and is labelled as Groups A, B, C and D. Group A consists of two questions and one has to be answered. One question in this section is theoretical and the other is a numerical problem. Two questions are contained in group B and the candidate has to answer any one.  Similar is the case with groups C and D. All the groups contain a theoretical question and a numerical problem. The paper is totally descriptive. In the theoretical part, definitions are of importance and have to be taken care of.

Marking scheme

The paper is for a total of 50 marks. Each section contributes 15, 10, 15 and 10 marks respectively. Marks are allotted for stating the explanation clearly and also for showing the mathematical calculations properly.

Time Allotted

The paper is of two hours duration and the candidates have to finish answering the questions in the allotted time. Fifteen minutes before the start of the exam, question papers will be distributed to the candidates and this time has to be spent for reading the question paper.

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