Netaji Subhas Open University, Post Graduate, Commerce (Paper 19) Papers


Netaji Subhas Open University is one of the renowned universities of India offering many courses of graduate and post graduate level. The post graduate level has courses in various sections of science commerce and arts and various others.

Paper description:

There are various papers offered in the post graduate level course of commerce. Paper 19 is the paper for auditing in M.Com. The paper deals with the study of various kinds of auditing principles and the various pacts and rules that auditors should know.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper 19 or the auditing paper of auditing has few important questions asked every year repeatedly. One of the most important questions is the rules and provisions by SEBI. The question paper also has questions like what is auditing committee, what is internal auditing, necessity of auditing etc. The paper also has questions regarding cost audit, and the companies act on the cost editing. All these questions have come quite often, and the topics which they deal with are also quite important.

Paper pattern:

Netaji Subhas Open University Post Graduate Commerce (Paper 19) Paper is divided into 4 main sections. All the 4 sections have 2 questions in it. That means the paper has 8 questions. Out of the two questions in each section, candidates have to choose any 1. This means that one requires answering any 4 questions in the paper considering one question from each section. Section A and C has questions of 15 marks each, and section B and D has questions of 10 marks each.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

Maximum marks one can earn in the paper are 50 and the time duration to answer the paper is 3 hours only.

Recommended books:

Auditing: principles and practice by Ravinder Kumar, Virender Sharma
Fundamentals of Auditing by Basu

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