Perfusionist - How to become a Perfusionist?


Perfusionists are health professionals who control the working of heart-lung machine at the time of cardiac surgery and other surgical procedures that need cardiopulmonary bypass. They are also known as a clinical Perfusionist or cardiovascular Perfusionist. The main duty of a Perfusionist is to aid in the physiological as well as metabolic wants of the cardiac surgical patient with the intention that the cardiac surgeon possibly will operate on a still, unbeating heart. This will be accomplished through the proper usage of the heart-lung machine and its linked machineries. Furthermore, there are various other physiologic parameters of the patient that has to be constantly monitored by the Perfusionist. They also play a key role in taking care of the patients on ventricular assist devices.

Qualifying Exam

There are various perfusion training programs such as those listed below which the candidates have to complete to become Perfusionist.

  • Diploma in Perfusion Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Perfusion Technology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Pulmonary Perfusion Technology
  • Certificate Course in Cardiovascular Perfusion
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Perfusion

The training programme will comprise of both academic as well as clinical studies. Typically a perfusion student will commence their training sessions in an instructive manner in which the student will closely follow instructions from certified clinical Perfusionist.

Who are eligible to apply?

The candidates those who have done 10+2 are eligible for the diploma and undergraduate programmes in Perfusion Technology. Those with bachelor’s degree can join the post graduate diploma or master’s course in perfusion. For the research programmes in perfusion, master’s degree is required.

How to prepare for exams and interview?

The candidates who have passed the Perfusion Technology courses to join as Perfusionist need to clear various exams conducted by several organizations. Most of the recruitment test consists of written examination and interview to determine the subject knowledge of the candidates. Questions will also be there to judge whether the candidates are apt for the profession. The candidates before appearing for these exams should develop thorough basics of the entire subjects studied from which the questions may be asked.

Skills required for a Perfusionist

It is significant that a Perfusionist responds rapidly in emergency circumstances. As a medical professional, it is important to be calm and possess a focused mind when tackled with such situations. They should also be conscious about the patient’s health at all times during the operation. Furthermore, Perfusionist should be capable to withstand long work hours. Improving technical skills in using the machine can be a base for career development which leads to higher pay and enhanced working conditions.



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    sir/madam, i want to know how to apply for the bachelors degree of perfusion technology and is thete any entance exams? What is the real couse time for bsc perfusion technology?

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    mahesh kalal:

    Respected sir,
    after BSc nursing i’m able to do cardiac perfusion course.
    if yes than whats the duration and fee of this course…both diploma or degree course.

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    Is it necessary to have
    a degree before Bsc in perfusion technology to get a good job?

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    Dr. Dhirendra Raut:

    Respected sir/Madam
    I am a BAMS Graduate and want to take admission to post graduate diploma / master digree in cardiac pulmonary perfusion technology course. Am i eligible for that?
    lease reply me.

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    As a bsc nursing staff how can become a good perfusionist.

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    Dear sir/ madam
    I am a clinical perfusionist who is currently working at leading chidren hospiutal in Srilanka and wish to follow a course of perfusion technology further more therefor I like get to know information regarding this matter..

    [email protected]

    Thanking you

    H.K.Ajith Dhammika (Bsc)
    Clinical Perfusionist
    Lady Ridgeway hospital for children
    Colombo 8
    Sri lanka

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    iam study diplowma in perfusion i want subjects names in this study