Career after MBA in Agribusiness


In older days, the agricultural products were marketed to the customers through a lot of middlemen. This scenario has changed a lot with the advent of new marketing concepts. These concepts have paved way to the development of Agribusiness Management field. One of the most popular courses available in this field is the Master of Business Administration in Agribusiness. This course will enable the candidates to develop new ideas to market the agricultural products to the customers. Thus after completing this course, one can pursue their career in various private and government sector agricultural organizations.

Career in Private sector after MBA in Agribusiness

Those who prefer to work in private sector after completing their MBA in Agribusiness can look for several kinds of career opportunities in agro based companies. The agro-based companies which hire the service of MBA graduates in Agribusiness are given below.

  • ITC Limited
  • Rallis India Limited
  • Excel Crop Care Limited
  • Global AgriSystem Private Limited
  • Godrej Agrovet Limted
  • Synthite Industrial Chemicals Limited

They can perform the role of Research Analyst or Marketing Manager in these companies. Food Retailing sector also provide a plethora of career opportunities to them. Microfinance sector is another employment area suitable for them.

Government Career after MBA in Agribusiness

After completing MBA in Agribusiness, one can pursue their career in government sector if interested. Different kinds of career opportunities are available for these graduates in the government organizations which concentrate on development of agriculture. These graduates can get into managerial positions available in National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). Food Corporation of India (FCI) is another government organization which offers career opportunities to the MBA graduates in Agribusiness. As the course curriculum of this management program include the study of production and marketing of agricultural products, the MBA graduates in Agribusiness can get into Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Limited (FACT). These graduates can get into the Food and Health department of the government after qualifying the concerned examination. They can also find employment in Ministry of Agriculture under Government of India.

Career Abroad after MBA in Agribusiness

The field of Agribusiness Management is going through a successful track in foreign countries. This scenario has created lots of job opportunities to the candidates who have completed a management degree in Agribusiness. Such candidates can perform the role of agricultural insurance manager, quality control manger or supply manger in various agro based companies. As most of the Multi National Companies have their branches in foreign countries, it is easy to get into a reputed job in the field of Agribusiness Management.

Long term Career roadmap for MBA in Agribusiness

MBA graduates in Agribusiness can find a long term career in various agro based companies. As agriculture has got a significant place in the economy of every country, finding a long term career in the field of Agribusiness Management is not that difficult. Most of the companies recruit fresh management graduates as trainees and promoted to senior positions after getting much experience.



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