Reference Books for M.Tech (Computer Aided Design and Manufacture) in SIT


Admission process to M.Tech (Computer Aided Design and Manufacture) in Symbiosis Institute of Technology is done either on the basis of GATE or entrance test conducted by the institute. Topics such as machine theory, mechanical engineering design; thermodynamics, machining, and CAD/CAM are covered under the SIT conducted entrance test. Reference books like Engineering Mechanics by A.K.Tayal, Theory and Machines by S.S. Rattan, Fluid Mechanics and Machinery by S.K. Agarwal, and CAD/ CAM by Groover and Zimmer can be referred for studies.

Books for Engineering Mechanics

  • Engineering Mechanics by Irving H. Shames, PHI Publication
  • Engineering Mechanics by U.C.Jindal, Galgotia Publication
  • Engineering Mechanics of Solids by E.P.Popov
  • Engineering Mechanics by A.K.Tayal

Books for Strength of Materials

  • Strength of Materials by G.H.Ryder
  • Strength of Materials by Andrew Pytel and Fredinand L.Singer
  • Strength of Materials by Popov
  • Strength of Materials A Rudimentary Approach by M.A. Jayaram

Books for Theory of Machines

  • Mechanism and Machine Theory by J.S. Rao and R.V. Dukkipati
  • Theory and Machines by S.S. Rattan
  • Theory of Mechanisms and Machines by Amitabha Ghosh and Ashok kumar Malik
  • Theory of Machines and Mechanisms by Joseph Edward Shigley and John Joseph Uicker

Books for Mechanical Engineering Design

  • Computer Aided Mechanical Design and Analysis by V.Ramamurhti
  • Mechanical Analysis and Design by A.H.Burr and J.B.Cheatham
  • Mechanical Engineering Design by J.E.Shigley

Books for Fluid Sciences

  • Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines by S.K. Som and G. Biswas
  • Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Engineering by D.S. Kumar, S.K. Kataria and Sons
  • Fluid Mechanics and Machinery by S.K. Agarwal
  • Fluid Mechanics by Streeter V L and Wylie E B
  • Mechanics of Fluids by I H Shames

Books for Thermodynamics

  • Engineering Thermodynamics by Jones and Dugan
  • Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics by E Radhakrishnan
  • Theory and Problems of Thermodynamics by Y. V.C. Rao
  • Engineering Thermodynamics by C P Arora
  • Basics of Mechanical Engineering by Vineet Jain
  • Engineering Thermodynamics by P K Nag

Books for Manufacturing Processes

  • Manufacturing Process by Danilovsky and Maslov
  • Non Traditional Manufacturing Processes by Benedict G.F, Marcel Dekker

Books for Machining

  • Fundamentals of Metal Cutting Machine Tools by G.Boothroyd
  • Manufacturing Process by Danilovsky and Maslov
  • Manufacturing Science by A.Ghosh and A.K.Mallik
  • Principles of Metal Cutting/Principles of Machine Tools by G.C.Sen and A.Bhattacharya
  • Production Engineering Sciences by P.C.Pandey and C.K.Singh

Books for CAD/CAM

  • CAD/ CAM by Groover and Zimmer
  • CAD/ CAM Theory and Practice by Zeid
  • CAD/CAM (Principles, Practice & Manufacturing Management) by Chirs Mc Mohan & Jimmie Browne
  • Numerical Control and Computer Aided Manufacturing by Kundra, Rao & Tiwari

Books for Operations Research

  • Operations Research - An Introduction by H.A.Taha
  • Operations Research by J.K.Sharma
  • Operations Research by Vijayakumar
  • Productions and Operations Management by A.Muhlemann, J.Oakland and K.Lockyer

Other than reference books, study materials collected from web can be referred for studies. Solving questions from previous year question papers also helps in exam preparation.



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