Reference Books for M.Tech in Digital Electronics & Communication Systems


M.Tech in Digital Electronics & Communication Systems is a postgraduate course in the stream of electronics engineering. Digital System Design, Detection and Estimation of Signals, Advanced Operating Systems, etc are some of the topics covered under the course. Reference books on different areas covered under digital electronics and communication are listed in the article below.

Books on Digital System Design

  • Computer Aided Logic Design by Frederick. J. Hill & Peterson
  • Digital System Testing and Testable Design by M. Abramovici, M. A. Breues, A. D. Friedman
  • Digital Logic Design Principles by Nolman Balabanian, Bradley Calson
  • Fundamentals of Logic Design by Charles H. Roth Jr
  • Logic Design Theory by N. N. Biswas
  • Switching & finite Automata Theory by Z. Kohavi

Books on Advanced Digital Signal Processing

  • Digital Signal Processing –Principles, Algorithms Applications by J.G.Proakis  & D.G.Manolokis, PHI
  • Discrete Time signal processing by Alan V Oppenheim & Ronald W Schaffer, PHI
  • DSP – A Practical Approach by Emmanuel C. Ifeacher Barrie W. Jervis, Pearson Education
  • Modern spectral Estimation techniques by S. M .Kay

Books on Detection and Estimation of Signals

  • Signal processing: Discrete Spectral analysis, Detection and Estimation by Mischa Schwartz and Leonard
  • Detection, Estimation and Modulation Theory, by E.L. Van Trees
  • Detection of signals in noise by Shanmugam and Breipohl
  • Introduction to statistical Signal processing with Applications by Srinath, Rajasekaran & Viswanathan

Books on Digital Data Communications

  • Electronic communication systems, fundamentals through advanced by W. Tomasi
  • Data communication and networking by B.A. Forouzen

Books on Embedded and Real Time Systems

  • Embedded System Design – A Unified Hardware/Software Introduction by Frank Vahid, Tony D Givargis
  • Embedded / Real Time Systems by KVKK Prasad
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems by Raj Kamal
  • Embedded Microcomputer Systems by Jonathan W. Valvano, Brooks / Cole, Thompson Learning
  • An Embedded Software Primer by David E. Simon

Books on Neural Networks and Applications

  • Introduction to Artificial Neural Systems by J.M.Zurada
  • Artificial Neural Networks by Dr. B. Yagananarayana
  • Elements of Artificial Neural Networks by Kishan Mehrotra, Chelkuri K. Mohan, Sanjay Ranka
  • Artificial Neural Network by Simon Haykin
  • Introduction Neural Networks Using MATLAB 6.0 - by S.N. Shivanandam, S. Sumati, S. N. Deepa
  • Fundamental of Neural Networks – By Laurene Fausett

Books on Advanced Operating Systems

  • The design of the UNIX Operating Systems by Maurice J.Bach (PHI)
  • The UNIX Programming Environment (PHI) by Kernighan & Pike
  • UNIX Network Programming by W.Richard Stevens (PHI)
  • The Complete reference LINUX by Richard Peterson (TMH)
  • UNIX User Guide by Ritchie & Yates

Books on Advanced Computer Architecture

  • Computer Architecture A quantitative approach by John L. Hennessy &
  • David A. Patterson Morgan Kufmann
  • Advanced Computer Architectures by Dezso Sima, Terence Fountain, Peter Kacsuk
  • Computer Architecture and parallel Processing by Kai Hwang and A.Briggs

Books on Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach by Stuart Russel, Peter Norvig
  • Artificial Intelligence by Patrick Henry Winston
  • Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems by Patterson
  • Expert Systems: Principles and Programming by Giarrantana/ Riley, Thomson
  • PROLOG Programming for Artificial Intelligence by Ivan Bratka

Books on Image Processing

  • Digital Image Processing by Rafael C.Gonzalez, Richard E. Woods
  • Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB by Rafael C.Gonzalez, Richard E.Woods, Steven L. Edding

Books on Speech Processing

  • Digital processing of speech signals by L.R Rabiner and S.W.Schafer
  • Speech communication by Douglas O Shaughnessy
  • Fundamentals of Speech Recognition by L.R Rabinar and B.H.Juang
  • Discrete Time Speech Signal Processing- Thomas F. Quateri
  • Speech & Audio Signal Processing- Ben Gold & Nelson Morgan

Books on Coding Theory and Techniques

  • Digital and Analog Communication Systems – K. Sam Shanmugam
  • Digital Communications – Fundamental and Application by Bernard sklar
  • Digital Communications – John G. Proakis
  • Digital Communications by Symon Haykin
  • Error Control Coding – Fundamentals and Applications by SHU LIN and Daniel J. Costello
  • Error Control Coding Theory by Man Young Rhee

Books on Radar Signal Processing

  • Radar Design Principles – Signal Processing and The Environment by Fred E. Nathanson
  • Introduction to Radar Systems by M.I. Skolnik,
  • Radar Principles by Peyton Z. Peebles, Jr
  • Radar Signal Processing and Adaptive Systems by R. Nitzberg
  • Radar Design Principles by F.E. Nathanson

These reference books are highly recommended for post graduates pursuing M.Tech course in Digital Electronics and Communication.



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