Syllabus of M.Tech Energy Engineering in NIT, Tiruchirapalli


Thermal Engineering, Solar Energy Engineering, Wind Energy Engineering, etc are the main topics included in the syllabus of M.Tech Energy Engineering course in NIT, Tiruchirapalli. Waste management, Thin Film Technology and Applications are also some other areas covered in the course curriculum. B.Tech graduates in related stream with adequate percentile in GATE exam can apply for this course.

Course Curriculum of M.Tech Energy Engineering in NIT, Tiruchirapalli


  • Fuels and Combustion Technology
  • Pollution Control
  • Process Modeling & Simulation
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Elective – 1
  • Elective - 2
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Laboratory


  • Bio Energy Engineering
  • Energy Audit and Management
  • Solar Energy Engineering
  • Elective –3
  • Elective –4
  • Elective - 5
  • Solar Energy Engineering Lab


  • Project Work – Phase I


  • Project Work – Phase I

Elective 1 & 2

  • Waste management and energy generation technologies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Economic Analysis
  • Power sources for electric vehicles
  • Instrumentation systems

Elective 3, 4 & 5

  • Batteries and Fuel Cells
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Nuclear Materials
  • Nuclear, Hydel & OTEC Power Plants
  • Thin Film Technology and Applications
  • Wind Energy Engineering

Eligibility required for M.Tech Energy Engineering in NIT, Tiruchirapalli

In order to pursue the course, the candidate should possess engineering degree in any of the following streams

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electro Chemical Engineering and Technology
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Metallurgical Engineering

Good score in GATE examination is necessary to get admission to any of the NIT’s.  A minimum score of 60% marks in the qualifying examination and around 400 marks in GATE examination is required to get admission to the course.

Reference Books for M.Tech Energy Engineering

  • Applied Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists by Singiresu S. Rao
  • Combustion Engineering and Fuel Technology by Shaha A.K
  • Combustion Fundamentals by Roger A. Strehlow
  • Elements of Fuels, Furnaces & Refractories by Gupta O.P
  • Energy Systems Engineering by Francis Vanek, Louis D. Albright
  • Environmental Engineering by Pandey G.N and Carney G.C
  • Environmental Engineering: A Design Approach by A. P. Sincero and G.A. Sincero
  • Environmental Pollution Control Engineering by Rao C .S.
  • Fuels & Combustion by Dr. Samir Sarkar
  • Fuels & Combustion by S.P. Sharma & Chander Mohan
  • Heat Transmission in Steam Boiler furnaces by Blokh A.G
  • Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science by Gilbert M. Masters
  • Numerical Methods and Modeling for Chemical Engineers by Mark E. Davis
  • Pollution Prevention: Fundamentals and Practice by Bishop P
  • Principles of Combustion by Kenneth K Kou

The course curriculum is designed in such a way as to create professionals, who can perform well in areas of energy production from natural resources like oil, bio-fuels, hydropower, wind and solar power. They also can get involved in research and development of new energy sources, efficient usage of energy and in reducing environmental pollution.



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