Tamil Nadu Open University 3rd Year Relational Database Management Systems Papers


The Relational database management system paper is the abbreviated as DBMSand knowledge in this field is highly required for today’s industrial standards. The knowledge in Oracle which is an integral part of the course is very useful in computer language area. Different type of SQL is also taught in the paper.

Importance of the paper:

The fundamental idea behind the relational model is that a database consists of a series of random tables that can be manipulated using non-procedural operations that return tables. It is a very important paper for the students as it focuses on strategies and the basics of the management world.

Paper Pattern:

The paper consists of 14questions and these questions are kept into 2 different groups for its readability to the student’s .Section A is comprises 7 questions and out of 7, 4 are to be answered each of equal marks. Section B is of 7 questions and 4 from it is required to be solved, each of equal marks. Questions in Section B are divided into sub-questions.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions from Database Management System, Features, and Advantages, Introduction to Oracle, Oracle Database, Architecture, Network System Tables, Logical Structures, Different User Interfaces-Relational Model, and Oracle Database are frequently asked. Topics such as  Basic Query, Unions and Multiple part Queries, Table Handling and Embedded SQL, Languages supported by Oracle Pre-compiler, Joining Multiple Tables in a Query etc. are also asked.

Full marks and time:

A maximum of 75 marks is set for the paper and 3 hours is the time allotted for the paper.

Recommended Books:

  • DBMS by Korth
  • Database management by Watson
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