Tamil Nadu Open University-BBA 3rd Year-Business Law Papers


With the growing interest in the youth to become entrepreneurs and hence become their own boss, is increasing the demand of a management degree. Tamil Nadu Open University with its flexible examination system tries to fulfill this demand through its BBA course. One of the key subjects in it is the Business Law paper. The questions asked in it covers a wide range of topics but knowing the paper pattern will help to approach the exam in a smart way.

Paper Pattern and number of questions asked:

There are generally two sections in this paper. The first section has 5 questions of which any 3 needs to be answered. The number of questions in the second section may vary from 6 to 8 out of which any 4 needs to be answered. One of the questions in the second section is of short notes and preparing concept based and short topics may help here.

Division of marks and time allotted:

The exam is of 75 marks and the total time allotted is 3 hours. Each question in the first section carries 5 marks whereas in the second section each question carries 15 marks. Students are required to answer all the answers in the stipulated time and answers which are to the point will be given an extra credit.

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