Top Sports Goods Companies in India


The very term sports good is synonymous with the great passion for sports that brings together many Indians unanimously. India is a country with lots of craze for cricket and craze for foot ball as well in some states. With the increasing young minds taking up sports activities and engaging themselves in different kinds of sports, the need for sports equipment is also increasing.

This encourages the sports good manufacturers to introduce more and more quality products to face the competitive sport goods market. The names of some of the players in the sports good manufacturers and dealers sector in India are given below:

Top five sport goods manufacturers/exporters in india:

Metco Sport Private Limited

National Sports

Stag International

Monika Sports Industries

Bhalla International

Some of the details regarding these top companies in the sport goods sector in India are given below:

Metco Sport Private Limited:

This company is operating from the city of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh and they are a renowned company with more than 60 years experience in the sport goods manufacturing sector. They are manufacturing sports good with the brand name ‘Metco’ for more than half a century now.  Their product range in the sports equipment sector include cricket equipment, sports mat, goal posts, athletics equipment, sport nets, pool table, snooker and billiards table and table tennis tables. These are produced in different models according to the requirement of each game.

National Sports:

National Sports is also operating from the city of Meerut and it is an ISO 9001:2000 company with more than 55 years of experience in their niche. They are not only engaged in the manufacture of sports equipment, but are also exporting their produce to foreign countries. On the basis of their human resource, infrastructure and research & development, they are able to export their produce to more than 50 countries all over the world. Their product range includes fitness equipment, cricket equipment, carry bags, swimming accessories, gymnastics equipment, physical education equipment, tennis equipment, athletics equipment, rugby, netball, basketball rings, goal posts, sport nets and speed training equipment. Under these main categories, several sub-category goods are manufactured by National Sports Company.

Stag International:

Stag International is also operating from the city of Meerut and this company is engaged in the manufacture different sports equipment for sports like archery, hockey, badminton, athletics, gymnastics, weight training, tchoukball, basketball, carom board and table tennis. They are also dealing with common sports equipment like goal post for different games, sport mats, inflatable balls, flooring and training equipment. They are also manufacturing dress materials for sports like sports footwear, track suits, t-shirts and shorts.

Monika Sports Industries:

Monika Industries is operating from the city of Jalandhar in Punjab and they are one of the leading exporters and manufacturers of finest sports goods like basketball, football, netball, rugby ball, soccer ball, etc…and their accessories. They offer other items like baseball gloves, baseball bat, baseball, hockey turf and sticks and complete range of boxing equipment. These products are exported by this company to different countries and their customers are highly satisfied with the quality of these goods.

Bhalla International:

Bhalla International are offering sports equipment in the brand name of Vinex right from the year 1957 and they are producing sport products from the city of Meerut. They are offering a wide range of sports equipment like whistles and referee accessories, tchoukball frame, tents and tunnels, table tennis equipment, carrying and storage accessories, skipping ropes, gymnastic equipment, primary education & sports equipment, playground equipment, nets, netball equipment, mats, gym equipment & accessories, all types of goals, soccer and football accessories, coaching clipboards, boxing equipment & accessories, board games, beach toys are some of them.

These companies contribute a great share to the GDP of the nation by exporting quality sports equipment to other countries.



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