Logistics Manager - How to become a Logistics Manager?


Logistics Management means the planning, utilizing and organizing the inward and outward flow of goods. In addition to this, categorizing the details about where the goods are stored and other particulars like the services rendered from the point of creation to the point of consumption of particular merchandise or service is also included in Logistic Management. A person who practices logistic management is called as a logistic manager. The duty of a logistics manager is to work together with the others officers in a firm such as purchasing officers and the depot and transport managers as to make certain that the goods that are created or is sold by a particular company are obtained in the company’s storehouse on time. He is also in charge for making certain that the cargo is stored in a correct and secure manner. A logistic manager also makes sure that the merchandise is shipped out at the right time.

Qualifying Exam

Candidates can join the program in Logistic Management after appearing in these exams:

  • Common Entrance Test
  • Management Aptitude Test
  • Indian Institute of Technology - Joint Entrance Exam
  • Graduate Record Examination
  • Graduate Management Aptitude Test
  • Xavier Aptitude Test

Who is eligible to apply?

Candidates who have finished their degree in Master of Business Administration with a concentration in logistics are eligible to apply for managerial positions in leading companies across India. Students learn to make efficient judgments that will facilitate them to move business goods to market swiftly and competently.

How to prepare for exam and interview?

Candidates who are appearing for the written exam can get ready for the exam by referring to textbooks or other magazines on the subject. It is also possible for the students to get further information about the pattern of the exam and its syllabus from the internet. Moreover, they can also practice on question papers of the former years. This will aid the students to manage their time. They are also required to practice on the computer. At the time of the interview, the candidates must be prepared to answer questions in a direct manner. It would also help if the candidates take a moment to answer each question. It will give them some time to think over it and will prevent them from answering incorrectly.



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