Top Venture Capital Companies in India


Venture Capital is a financial capital provided to startup, high-risk and high-potential companies that are in their teething stage. Venture capital fund offers equity in the companies in which it is invested thereby making money and it normally has business model or novel technology in high technology industries like software, biotechnology, etc… It should be remembered that venture capital is a subset of private equity and therefore all venture capitals are private equities, but not all private equities are venture capitals.

To start up a venture, venture capital firms in India invest the money of shareholders, but the ventures in which these companies invest the money of shareholders might be profitable in nature even though potential risks are involved in these investments. A number of firms are engaged in the business of venture capital in India and the names of the top players in the venture capital sector in India are given below:

Top six venture capital companies in India:

Aavishkaar India Micro Venture Capital Fund

DHFL Venture Capital Fund

iLabs Venture Capital Fund

IFCI Venture Capital Funds Limited

India Infoline Venture capital Fund

Kerala Venture Capital Fund

Some of the details regarding these top venture capital companies are given below:

Aavishkaar India Micro Venture Capital Fund:

Aavishkaar India Micro Venture Capital Fund shortly called as AIMVCF is a fund created for the purpose of promotion of development in semi-urban and rural areas of the country. The mission of the fund is based on the premise that promises medium and small enterprises will help drive positive changes in the underserved areas of the nation.

DHFL Venture Capital Fund:

This company offers advisory, consultancy and managerial services to venture capital management, venture capital undertaking and venture capital funds pertaining to Indian Real estate. This company is promoted by the Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited and the company came into existence in the year 2006. The fund is registered with securities and exchange board of India.

iLabs Venture Capital Fund:

The present name of iLabs Venture Capital Fund is Peepul Capital LLC and this company partners with several companies and help those companies to grow through entrepreneurship and extensive operative experience. This company holds the pride of being one of the early entrants of the private equity space in the country.

IFCI Venture Capital Funds Limited:

IFCI Venture Capital Funds Limited was promoted as a Risk Capital Foundation in the year 1975 by a society that offer financial assistance to the first generation technocrate entrepreneurs and professionals for setting up their own venture with the help of soft loans.

India Infoline Venture capital Fund:

This company is a part of the popular India Infoline Group that comprises of several holding companies. This company is one of the leading players in the Indian financial service space and it offers execution and advice platform for the whole range of financial services covering products like gold bonds, investment banking, loans, fixed deposits, insurance, asset management, wealth management, etc…

Kerala Venture Capital Fund:

Kerala Venture Capital Fund has more than 10 years of experience in this industry and this company was conceptualized by the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Limited and the SIDBI. This company is dedicated to investing in enterprises in industries with significant prospects of growth and profitability and in enterprises in high technology sectors like tourism, biotechnology, information technology, etc… The investment of this company primarily focuses on the state of Kerala with special focus on the above-mentioned sectors to earn a good return for the investors.

Apart from these companies, there are also other top players in the venture capital sector in India and they are Kotak India Venture Fund, Felicitas Venture Capital Trust, Industrial Venture Capital Limited and Intelligroup Venture Fund.



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