What to do after M.D.S?


The Master of Dental Surgery is a postgraduate level program. Aspirants who have completed their graduate level degree in dentistry (BDS) can apply for this course. Details on what to do after the completion of the MDS program are given below.

Higher Studies Options after M.D.S

Students can consider various options upon the conclusion of the MDS degree. Here, there are numerous specializations one can choose from. Aspirant can opt for any one of these specializations and continue their advanced studies. The specializations available in MDS and its higher study options are mentioned below.

  • Master of Dental Surgery in Community Dentistry
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Oral Medicine
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Pediatric Dentistry
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Periodontics & Preventive Dentistry
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Preventive Community Dentistry
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Public Health Dentistry
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Oral Pathology
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Oral Pathology & Microbiology

Those who would like to go for advanced studies can go for research. A few areas where aspirants can go for their research are given below:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Orthodontics
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Periodontics
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Prosthodontics
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health Dentistry

Job Opportunities for M.D.S Graduates

Good employment opportunities are at hand for aspirants with nursing homes, dental departments of hospitals, as faculty in colleges of dentistry etc. Besides this, aspirants can also get work with the Research as well as Advisory functions of pharmaceuticals firms and other companies that manufacture oral care medicine and allied products. Individuals can also consider starting their own consultancies.

The employment opportunities for aspirants shall increase with the work experience of students. Those who are working as private practitioners can start their consultancies in partnership or in their own premises. In addition to the above mentioned options, dentists can also work as dental assistant or dental hygienists. One other option they can consider is to become a dental consultant to film actors as well as models.

A few job types at hand for dentists comprise of:

  • Ceramist
  • Consultant
  • Dental Assistant
  • Dental hygienist
  • Dental Lab Technician
  • Dental surgeon
  • Forensics
  • Medical Representative
  • Oral pathologist
  • Private practitioners
  • Professors
  • Public health specialists
  • Sales Representative

Short Term Courses for B.D.S Students

A number of short term courses are available for aspirants to choose from once they finish their graduate level education in dentistry. A few short term courses comprise of:

Certificate courses:

  • Certificate course in Advanced Implantology
  • Certificate Course in Basic Implantology
  • Certificate course in Dental and Oral Hygiene
  • Certificate Course in Dental Hygienist
  • Certificate course in Dental Mechanic
  • Certificate Course in Esthetic Dentistry
  • Certificate Course in Laser Dentistry
  • Certificate Course in Rotary Endodontics
  • Certificate Courses in Dentistry
  • Certificate in Clinical Dental Technique

Studying these courses will provide aspirants with very good training in addition to good basic knowledge on the area they wish to specialize in.



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