Annamalai University BBA Telecom Management-Elements of Insurance Papers


The degree in the field of commerce always remains in demand as the field is very vast. Degree of BBA is the 1st step towards the higher degree in this field which gives an edge to the students and they can get a good job after this degree.

What is taught in this paper?

The paper is the combination of innovative ideas of covering the different objects to insurance limitation. The sector is full of risks and students are taught to maintain these factors in control.

Importance of this subject:

The field is flourishing as a big sector and offering a wide range of jobs. The elements of insurance give knowledge about the topics and help them to do well.

Paper Pattern:

The paper is a totally theoretical paper and there are 23 questions in this paper. The questions that are asked are separated into 3 sections according to the marks. Section A is of 12 very short answer type and 10 from it are needed to be solved. Section B is of 7 long answer type questions and 4 from it is needed to be attempted. Section C is of 4 very long answer type questions and 2 from it is needed to be attempted. All the questions in a particular section carry equal marks.

Frequently asked questions:

The questions asked are such as Insurance from individual’s point of view, physical hazard, Voyage Policy, fire wastage, Term Assurance, contract of insurance, different types of insurance business, fire insurance, functions of insurance in India, contract of marine insurance, essential elements of life assurance, deviation in a marine insurance etc.

Marks and time:

The paper is assigned with 100 marks and time allotted for the paper is 3 hours only.

Recommended Books:

  • Elements of Banking and Insurance by Bhatia, Nishwan
  • Principles of insurance by Gephart, William F

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