B.Sc in Plant Science V/s B.Sc in Plant Pathology – Which course is better?


Plants are the essential needs of all living organisms as they are the primary source of food. Therefore much importance should be given for their preservation. The undergraduate courses on plant study give a better idea about various plants and how can we preserve the life of plants. B.Sc in Plant Science and B.Sc in Plant Pathology are two undergraduate courses on plant study which focus on two different aspects. Each of these courses discusses the matter of preservation in a different way.

B.Sc in Plant Science course

Bachelor of Science in Plant Science is the undergraduate course which deals with study of entire functioning of plants. The candidates will study about the taxonomy and properties of the plants during this course. This undergraduate course provides a detailed study of each stage in the plant’s life cycle. This knowledge will help the students to develop their ideas about improving the crop production.

After completing this undergraduate course, the candidates can either pursue higher studies in the related field or look for several career opportunities. If the candidates are interested in pursuing their higher studies after this undergraduate degree, then various specializations are available like Ethnobotany, Paleobotany, Horticulture and Plant Genetics. Large number of career opportunities is available for the aspirants who are looking for employment after B.Sc in Plant Science. Plant-based industries provide so many career opportunities for these candidates. Several other job profiles suitable for these candidates are Plant Explorer, Ecologist, Plant Scientist or Plant Biologist.

B.Sc in Plant Pathology course

Bachelor of Science in Plant Pathology is the undergraduate course related to Plant Science which includes the study of diseases that is found in Plants. Most of the diseases in Plants are caused by the different kinds of microorganisms. This undergraduate course on Plant Pathology includes the detailed study of the physical behavior and biological functioning of the microorganisms. This course will enable the aspirants to find various methods for the prevention of diseases in Plants.

The successful completion of this undergraduate course can bring several career opportunities and higher studies options to the aspirants. Those who choose higher studies after graduation can take specialization in a particular area in Plant Pathology. If they look for employment opportunities, then they can work in fertilizer or agrochemical companies. Agricultural Research Centers offers several job opportunities for these graduates. Aquatic Botanist, Plant pathologist and Plant Breeder are the different job profiles available for these graduates.

Key difference between B.Sc in Plant Science and B.Sc in Plant Pathology

The main difference between B.Sc in Plant Science and B.Sc in Plant Pathology is that the former concentrate on the functioning of plants while the latter focus only on the health of plants. These courses approach the study of plant life in two different perspectives. Due to that reason, the career opportunities provided by these courses entirely differ from one another.

Which course is better?

B.Sc in Plant Science is for the candidates who want to widen their knowledge about plant life. If the candidates are interested to understand about the diseases that affect on plants, then B.Sc in Plant Pathology course is a right option for them. Both of these courses have their own importance in exploring the Plant Science.



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