Difference between Plant Pathologists and Silviculturists


Although Plant Pathology and Silviculture are plant-related fields of study, both are different in their own aspect. Plant pathology deals with the systematic study of the different plant syndromes, which are caused by either pathogens or physiological factors. In contrast, Silviculture is concerned with the practice of maintaining the set up, augmentation, composition, physical condition, worthiness and eminence of woods to meet the wide-ranging needs of the society and to safeguard the pre-historical ethics.

Plant Pathologist Courses and Career Opportunities

The plant pathology courses are available from advanced level studies. In order to become a Plant Pathologist, students have to study the post graduation course in Plant Pathology. Graduates in biological or agricultural sciences can study the Masters’ courses in the concerned areas. Those who have done the doctoral programs in Plant Pathology can carry out research and development activities in the respective fields. Plant pathology is an enormous field, which has so many specializations. Weed sciences, Entomology, Nematology – all come under the umbrella term, Plant pathology. On completion of the various courses in the relevant fields, aspirants can search out for career in Government agricultural departments, tissue culture and diagnostic laboratories, agro-based industries, fertilizer companies and so on.

Silviculturists Courses and Career Opportunities

Aspirants have to pursue the graduation course in Forestry to work as a Silviculturist. The post graduation program in Forestry with Silviculture as a specialization helps them to make advancements in their career. After having a PhD in Silviculture and Forest Management, these professionals can also get engaged in research and development. On completion of their course, Silviculturists can search out for employments in the Ministry of Environment and Forests, media and publication, international agencies and the Forestry Departments. Those who are interested in teaching can work as Silviculture lecturers in Universities. Silviculturists may have to clear the relevant Government tests so as to get a career in the Forestry Department.

Key Differentiators between Plant Pathologists and Silviculturists

Plant Pathologists are professionals who are specialized in analyzing, treating and controlling plant diseases whereas Silviculturists focus in improving the natural vegetation by modern methods and techniques.

The work atmosphere of a Plant pathologist is limited within a specific area, where different varieties of plants are cultivated while Silviculturists may have to explore the interior forests as part of their work.

Both Plant Pathologist and Silviculturists collectively works to make a pollution free environment by protecting and preserving the flora and fauna.



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