Difference between Network Architect and Network Engineer


The professions of Network Architect and Network Engineer are said to be having some amount of similarities, but when we look in to detail both the network architect and engineers differ in terms of their job tasks on a whole. A Network Architect as the name suggest engage in designing the various networks. A Network architect while implementing the network design will also focus in testing and in a way implementing the various data communication systems. A Network engineer is a person who is engaged in supervising the actual implementation of the design. These engineers help in installing and maintaining the important networks from one company to another. Basically the Network engineers provide overall support and in delivering maximum performance to their respective clients. The Network engineers provide solutions for the problems arising in various types of networks namely LANs, WANs, GANs, MANs etc.

Network Architects and Opportunities

There are numerous job opportunities for the Network Architects. The major job opportunities lie in IT firms. Majority of the software firms have separate wings for infrastructure design where in the candidates can try for jobs. The qualified professional can get engaged in the area of computer or information security. The candidates can also go in for short term certification courses which will help in enhancing their job opportunities.

Network Engineer and Opportunities

Basically, job area of the Network engineers and the Network architect are comparatively similar. Hence, the Network engineers can find opportunities in all firms where in the Network Architects work in. The Network engineers can get in to the role of IT support in an organization. Some of the job profiles which are applicable in case of the Network Engineers can be support engineer, Help desk support, Novell support engineer, network administrator, etc. The job opportunities will be available both in government as well as private companies.

Key Differences between Network Architects and Network Engineer

The job of a Network Architects is to design the various networks where as the Network Engineer is well versed with the various technologies and in a way help in implementing the various networks. Certain managerial functions are included in the profession of Network architects as they get involved in managing technology vendors. But the profession of Network engineer deals mainly with the engineering related functions.



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    i want to get into networking field…

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