Calicut University, Biotechnology, 3rd Semester, Engineering mathematics-III Papers


Calicut University Biotechnology 3rd Semester engineering mathematics-III Papers is one of the papers in the third semester of biotechnology. It has a credit of four points and it is a common paper to a lot of other departments under engineering. The code for this paper is EN09 301.It deals with the different theorems of mathematics and is a calculation based paper.

Paper pattern:

The paper id divided into three sections. Part A is compulsory and one needs to attempt all the questions in this section. Group B and C have optional questions, there are 5 questions in section A and each is of 2 marks. In section B one needs to attempt four out of 6 questions. In section C one has to attempt four questions and there are options between the sub parts of a question.

Maximum time allotted and maximum marks:

The maximum time allotted for attempting the paper is 3 hours and the maximum marks one can score is 70 marks. There are a total of 5 questions that needs to be answered so one can distribute the time equally as the marks are not equally divided in these questions.

Frequently asked questions:

The most important topics that is encountered in these questions are Fourier Integral theorem, Fourier’s Transform, functions of a complex variables, limits, continuity, differentiation, Taylor series, Laurent series, concepts of Coordinate Vectors, Transition Matrix etc. One is generally asked questions like finding the line image of a given equation, finding the Fourier transform of a given equation, finding the invariant point of a transformation, proving differentiability of an equation, determination of an analytical function, evaluation of limits and other equations where one has to find the limits, proving self reciprocality of Fourier.

Recommended Books:

Erwin Kreysig, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 8e, John Wiley and Sons
Bernaed Kolman, David R Hill, Introductory Linear Algebra, an Applied First
Course, Pearson Education

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