CBSE Class 12 Home Science Papers


The exam board of CBSE is one of the most renowned 12th based exam boards within the nation. The Board undertakes the 12th exam in different subjects of the class and one of the paper in which it undertakes is Home Science. The paper is divided into two different parts namely the Theory paper and the Practical paper.

Division of the Paper:

There are no sections or sub-parts in the paper. All of the questions are serially arranged as per the marks allotted.

Paper pattern:

The pattern of the paper is pretty simple. There are a total of thirty-three questions, and candidates have to attempt all of them. There are no sub-units or sub-question of the main question. All the questions are single and may be divided into parts. But all of the parts are compulsory to attempt. There are both subjective and short answer based questions to Long or Essay Types Questions in the papers.


The total marks of the paper are seventy. There are 12 questions, which carry a single mark, there are 7 questions which carry two marks, and there are 8 questions which carry three and 4 question which carries a maximum of four.

Time allotted for the examination:

The time offered in the exam is of three hours.

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