CDAC CET Exam Pattern


CDAC is one of the reputed institutes that focus mostly in the area of research and also development in the area of Information Technology. This organization provides numerous courses of study for aspirants in the field. Apart from the courses offered, this institution has a good role in various research and applications as well. This institute offers numerous Post Graduate programs. In order to admit the most eligible students into these courses, the institute conducts a common entrance test on a regular basis.

Structure and Syllabus for CDAC CET

The Common Entrance Test conducted by CDAC is an online test. The test includes objective type questions. The test covers aptitude questions as well as questions from technical topic areas. The time allotted for the completion of the same is 2 hours. The aspirant can gain one mark for each right response and loses ΒΌ marks for each wrong one.

Section 1

The questions will be from Computing Fundamentals.

  • Operating systems
  • Primary and Secondary storage
  • Classification of computers
  • Evolutions of computers
  • Computer generations
  • Data communications and computer networking

Section 2

The questions will be from Fundamentals of Programming.

  • Flowcharts
  • Algorithms
  • Data processing
  • File organizations
  • Computer languages
  • System implementation and operation

Section 3

The questions will be from Programming in C.

  • Stacks
  • C Fundamentals
  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Linked Lists
  • Queues
  • Introductory concepts
  • Structures and Unions

Section 4

The questions will be from Basic of OOPS and C++ programming.

  • Polymorphism
  • Classes and Objects
  • Abstract Classes
  • Object oriented concepts
  • Generalizations
  • Re-usability

Section 5

The questions will be from General Aptitude area.

Question Pattern of CDAC CET

The total questions for this test are 150. The first section comprises of questions on Computing Fundamentals. 10 marks are allotted for this section. The second section consists of questions on the Fundamentals of Programming. This section will be having 15 marks in total. The third section focuses on Programming in C and the maximum marks for this section is 50. The 4th section consists of questions on the Basics of OOPS and C++ programming. This section will be carrying 25 marks. The last section covers General Aptitude questions and will carry 50 marks.

Preparing for CDAC CET

The applicants must take a good effort to clear the examination. They must first of all prepare the time schedule necessary to successfully complete each subject that is specified in the syllabus. They must then collect the study resources required to prepare for each of the subjects. They can refer good quality reference books as well as previous question papers. Also, they must be very thorough with the subjects that were studied during the graduation level. For that they can go through the notes which were prepared during the time of their graduation.



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