Chhattisgarh Board Class 10 Science Papers


The class 10 Chhattisgarh Board papers range over a wide variety of subjects out of which Science is one. The subject of Science deals with the three domains of sciences which are taught at the secondary level i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Division of Paper:

The science paper can be viewed as divided into four groups on the basis if marks. There are six questions in the first group, six questions in the second group and five questions each in the last two groups. The last group though contains two choices for each question hence a total of 10 questions.A word limit has also been prescribed for each of the group.The marking scheme allots 2 marks each for the questions in first group, 3 marks each for the second, 4 marks each for third and 5 marks each for the last group.

Time allotted for the Examination and the marks:

The exam covers a total of 75 marks with assigned time duration of 3 hours.

Paper Pattern:

The paper comes in mainly two languages English and Hindi.  All the 22 questions are mandatory to answer. The first group consists of very short answer type questions having a word limit of 30 words. The second and third group corresponds to short answer type question with a limit of 50 and 75 words respectively. The last comprises of long answer patterned questions with an imposed limit of 150 words each.

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